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It's simply amazing to me how these machines are still operating and performing admirably, nearly 60 years after the first production model flew.


I see where Erickson have carried out 1,350 modifications to the S-64 - but despite that, the basic design still appears to be largely the original design.


Here's a CH-54 on the Kanga Pad at Nui Dat, in 1970, when I was still a young and virile lad, keeping the Communist menace at bay. That's 51 years ago!






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Had a chat with one of the support crew at Essendon a few years ago. He took me out on the tarmac to get some photos. Told me the E model has a single wheel on the main u/c (see to front two in the last photo). The F model has dual wheels - rear airrcaft same photo.


F model





(Edit: Ten years ago - 04/04/2011.)

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