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Blown Brake/Taillight Bulbs

old man emu

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I'm having a problem with the brake/taillight bulb blowing in one light assembly on my car - a Hyundai Tiburon.


I have ruled out hard bumps fracturing the filament as I only drive on sealed roads. I'm thinking that the problem is electrical - maybe a short circuit causing the filament to act like a fuse. I'm sure that I have fitted a bulb of the same spec as the manufacturer calls up.


Can anyone offer suggestions as to the cause? I like to start with the simplest cause and work up to the horrendously expensive ones.



Old Man Emu

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5 hours ago, Jerry_Atrick said:

Are the replacement bulbs made in China? 😉

Who knows, nowadays. I'll definitively check place of manufacture when I get a new bulb this week.


4 hours ago, Yenn said:

Corrosion build up can cause problems.

It's usually the case. A common cause, but easy to fix if you can find the point where the circuit is grounded. Need a wiring diagram for that, but I do have the workshop manual to find it in.

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That's one area of my Hyundai Santa Fe I wasn't impressed with.  One of the headlight low beams went, got it replaced at the next service, two weeks later the other one went.  

Quite common according to the mechanic.

Not sure if brake lights are similar.

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I'd say, change your globe supplier to a "known" quality brand. There's a lot of rubbish out there in the globe market, the Chinese and other Asian manufacturers knock them out in the factories by the thousands per hour, and they probably reckon 1% that fail within a few hours of use is an acceptable attrition rate. Then the servos and auto parts retailers are happy to buy the cheapest globe with the biggest margin attached to it. They get globes for a few cents each.


You can try removing the globe from the other taillight (check the brand) and put it in the one giving trouble. If that globe blows, you have a problem with that particular light.

Look for loose attaching points on the globe holder assembly (or even the taillight) that might cause excessive vibration. Vibration is the killer of incandescent globes.

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