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What are we going to talk about now?

old man emu

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Oh, I think Trumpo and possibly his new Patriots party or similar might keep us going for a while yet.. as will republicans attempts to circumvent the Democrats agenda... There will be any fallout from Trump's term, possibel criminal charges, etc.


Brexit is having teething problems with imports/exports at the order, and Norther Ireland's supermarket shelves are thinly stocked at the moment..


Of course, the climate change debate will rage on (haven't looked at PM's latest links.. but will get around to it).


I am waiting a few days before I post what a firend in Aus whi si a GP has commented about the vaccine roll out and the complete lack of planning at the federal level.. Just waiting to see what pops up in the news.


Maybe we can concetrate on more productive things than has dominated the last 4 or so years... wouldn't that be nice?


And, I have been an instagram user now for about a month - what an interesting world have I missed out on.. Post comingup about that, too.. Yeah - I know - Tik Tok is the bees knees now.. not sure I can handle it...



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There will be a surge in the popularity of Five Hundred now that Republicans are allowed to bid No Trumps again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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5 hours ago, old man emu said:

Will Biden build Bridges, or will the Democrats euchre him? It definitely won't be a Snap!. 


Will it take the Democrats so long to recover from Trumpism that Kamal Harris will be an Old Maid? 

I think Joe will give it a good shot. When you look at the record of the last three Presidents, Biden is starting from a low base. He doesn't have to move heaven and earth to be better than what the world has had for the last two decades.

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