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  1. 1. Your software preference

    • The software this site Social Australia uses
    • The software that Recreational Flying uses

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As most of you use both this site and the Recreational Flying site you will have noticed that both sites use different software so I would like to ask you which software do you prefer to use...the software that this site Social Australia uses with all it bells and whistles...Or, the minimalist offerings the software provides on Recreational Flying.


Your vote is important to me...thanks

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Just voted.. I like both and it is of no real consequence which one is selected, but I really like rec.flying's ability to take me to the last post I have read in the thread when I click on the thread rather than clicking through what's new.. Ultimately, it should be what works best for you as both seem to fit the bill well.

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I like this one. The only issue I've found is that Firefox sometimes detects and notes that a webpage is slowing the current one down from loading. It gives you the option to kill the invisible other page or you can just wait a few seconds more for the current page to load. It might be just a Firefox issue with this site. The Rec flying site doesn't do it.

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