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Saudi Dissident reporter 'Dissapered' by Saudi hit squad ?

Phil Perry

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by Ziad Fadel












JAMAL KHASHOGGI during happier times


( That's pronounced KASHOG JEE btw ED )


Despite warnings from his closest friends, Jamal Khashoggi, took a chance and entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018 and never left on his own two feet. The prevailing wisdom is that he was murdered by Saudi assassins sent to Turkey to specifically target him. Killing him on Saudi diplomatic soil would conceal the crime and carrying diplomatic passports would facilitate the transport of his dismembered body to two private jets.


Turkey is taking a surprisingly aggressive position on this matter. Turkey is very tight with Qatar, a country the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is trying to destroy on the laughable grounds that Doha supports terrorism. Since both the Ameer of Qatar and the Turk president, Erdoghan, support the Muslim Brotherhood as an Islamic alternative to Western concepts of democracy and majority rule, it shouldn't be surprising to hear such tumultuous invective from Ankara. However, the Turks have muted some of their pronouncements out of fear of economic repercussions.




Photos were first released by the pro-Erdoghan rag, Sabah, showing the hit team arriving at the airport.


There can be no doubt that the Turks installed eavesdropping devices inside the Saudi Consulate. They also had closed-circuit cameras outside the building housing the consulate both at the front door and in a preschool facing the rear door. If, as the Saudis claim, Khashoggi left from the rear door, his departure would have been picked up by camera. But, he did not leave from the rear door.


Moreover, if he did leave by the rear door, why would he not have circled around to hop into his wife's car waiting at the front? Hatice Cengiz, his Turkish wife, waited for half an hour after normal closing time for her husband. If one takes the Saudi story seriously, Mr. Khashoggi is still in the consulate in the style of Julian Assange.


The Turks are promoting the story that Khashoggi recorded his own execution on his Apple watch. I believe, like so many others, that that is only to camouflage Turkish access to spying devices inside the consulate. The Turks are convinced Khashoggi was interrogated, tortured, killed and dismembered inside the consulate. They also believe that a hit team made up of several military officers from the Royal Guard, a grouping of security agents and one so-called "forensic expert" were dispatched in order to accomplish the singular goal of killing Khashoggi. I do not agree. I believe the team was sent to kidnap him and return him to Saudi Arabia to face the fury of the reigning clown prince, Muhammad bin Salmaan (or MBS).


My theory is not based on the superficial notion that the Saudis would not assassinate anyone for moral reasons. That would be laughable. Instead, I believe that Khashoggi died from a heart attack inside the consulate after being interrogated by security officials who used extreme methods to extract information from him. The Turks were hearing his screams and they have, reportedly, turned over the tapes to the U.S. and Britain. The Turkish agents could not intervene without disclosing the embarrassing fact that they had installed listening devices and cameras inside the consulate, a major breach of diplomatic decorum, law and tradition which the U.S. regularly violates and at which the Turks methodically scoff.




This is Salaah Al-Tubayji, Saudi Arabia's premier expert on forensics who accompanied the hit team to the consulate and who was tasked with covering up the abduction of Jamaal Khashoggi.


Given the warming relations between the Saudi Arabian kingdom and the Zionist Apartheid State, one cannot help but wonder if the Zionists did not plan this operation for their new-found friends. After all, they have done this sort of thing before with Adolph Eichmann and Mordechai Vanunu. The only margin for error, would be the Saudi penchant for screwing up everything. I mean, folks, Akira Kurosawa wrote and produced a movie called the "Seven Samurai". It was later remade by Hollywood as the "Magnificent Sevenw" with that iconic opening theme that was also used to hawk Marlboro cigarettes. Clown Prince MBS must have seen the movies and had an epiphany: "What about sending 7 Saudis for the job?. Nah, 7 Saudis couldn't plug in a refrigerator. We're gonna need at least 15." And so, the team was cobbled together and sent to Istanbul. Besides the forensic expert whose job was to cover up the kidnapping, there was also the Deputy Director of the Kingdom's General Security Agency, Ahmad 'Aseeri.


Once Al-Tubayji realized that Khashoggi was dead from the heart attack, he began the unenviable task of cutting him up like a chicken so that his fellow geniuses could carry him out in plastic bags for transport to another safe area. I believe that Khashoggi is now buried in Saudi Arabia's laureled "Empty Quarter" where the absence of bacteria will insure that he mummifies smoothly like beef jerky - another Saudi screw-up, by the way. Another theory is that he is now buried at the home of the Saudi General Consul, a few blocks away but still under diplomatic protection.


Once a reader realizes that the Saudis wanted to abduct him and not ignite a furor over his assassination, he is relieved of the perception that Khashoggi was a martyr for Arabia. His visit to the consulate for the mundane aim of securing documents proving he was divorced, (not a big deal in Saudi Arabia where some men have over 100 wives and an untold number of concubines), was treated accordingly by Khashoggi. The video of his entry through the front door evidenced no apprehension on his part. He walked in confidently like a man who simply wanted proof of his divorce.


There is a Mercedes van that is filmed driving around the consulate. I believe that van was to spirit Khashoggi to the airport where his drugged body would be carried on to the private jets waiting for the hit men and their valuable load. But, I don't believe the team decided to carry his corpse back. They had to worry about the possibility of disclosure to Turk authorities. So, the only way to safely get his carcass back to the jets was to carve it up into small pieces which could be carried like so much hamburger meat from a supermarket. Or, that was the only safe way to carry the remnants to the consul's home. In any case, the presence of the coroner/forensic expert was the only enlightened part of the operation.


There is a lot of breast-beating today around the world. Trump has threatened Saudi Arabia with "really bad things". Britain, never a slouch when it comes to assassinating people, has warned of dire consequences. Germany has pleaded with the KSA to cooperate in the investigation even if the Saudis perpetrated the crime - you see, the Germans do, after all, have a sense of humor. American senators have bellowed menacingly about stopping all weapons sales to KSA while the ever-moral Donald Trump argues that the Saudis are spending a lot of money on U.S.-made weapons in order to exterminate the people of Yemen. He claims that American jobs would be lost if the U.S. did not sell these arms to Arabia. And, he continues, the Arabs would just go to Russia or China to buy the same thing. So much for the ethics in this White House.


MBS really pulled a boner on this one. The entire plan was designed to fail from the get-go. Whether the hit team wanted to kill Khashoggi or abduct him, makes no difference; the operation was not carried out by professionals and was botched at the rear door of the consulate.






Federico Pieraccini sent me this article about the missing Saudi journalist:




More on the Saudi assassination squad:




The BBC has gone bonkers. They have actually filed a competent report: ( Now THAT HAS TO BE A FIRST. ED. / SARC )




Ziad Fadel | October 14, 2018 at 11:13 am | Categories: News | URL: https://wp.me/p4fmTo-3W1


( Article source : Syrian Perspective )


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Oh Dear Oh Dear. . .What are we to do ? ? Plenty of Sabre rattling from the USA and British Governments,. . BUT,. . how can either Government do ANYTHING without jeopardising the Humungous ARMS SALES industry helping ( amongs other things like thretening Qatar ) the Kingdom of Saud to bomb the Yemeni ( Shia Muslims ) back to the stone age ? . .. I mean,. .. what about all those American and British Jobs ?. . . .It was recently stated ( unofficially ) that the Saudis buy 28 percent of UK arms manufactured by BAE (and others ) And the USA is supplying missiles, ships, tanks, and aircraft plus other weapons tech on a much larger scale. . .


The new Clown Prince is alleged very 'Trump like' in his outlook, and is prone to fits of Pique when something upsets him. . . so what a terrible quandary for all the Diplomats. . .



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The Yanks didn't do anything to Saudi Arabia when 15 of their men killed 3000 people on 11th September 2001. Why would they do anything when they kill one journalist (and we know what Trump thinks of journalists.)



The quandary being, what BS are they going to come out with ? . . . .( Rhet )



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I seem to recall the bastion of integroty, morals and justice, Tony Blair, very publicly riding rough-shod over the SFO investigation into BAe execs bribing Saudis to get an arms deal of some sort (was it aircraft??) Of course we will rattle the cage a bit... and at the same time be on the phone to the Saudis to say it is a superficial show of force and will all die (pardon the pun) down soon enough..



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It's hard to hate people who can triple the price of your oil and buy beaut mass destruction weapons from you. Peddlers of WMD are the real criminals.


Seriously though you have to admire some journalists who do have the most dangerous job on earth trying to tell the TRUTH about what's going on in the world. They are the good guys /gals. Plenty here and other places just print what they know the boss wants. Another type of creature entirely, working to frustrate the truth being told.. Nev



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It's hard to hate people who can triple the price of your oil and buy beaut mass destruction weapons from you. Peddlers of WMD are the real criminals.Seriously though you have to admire some journalists who do have the most dangerous job on earth trying to tell the TRUTH about what's going on in the world. They are the good guys /gals. Plenty here and other places just print what they know the boss wants. Another type of creature entirely, working to frustrate the truth being told.. Nev

So true, Nev. Australia has a long history of vilifying journalists brave enough to stray from the standard line.


Wilfred Burchett and David Bradbury come to mind.


Journalism has become one of the most dangerous professions.



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Well after the evidence from Turkish bugs the denial has turned into "yes we did it" & the Sheikh who ordered it will get rid of all his inept henchmen. Trumps happy as he still gets his billions.


It's 2018 with truth, accountability and integrity amongst governments and politicians completely non existent.



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