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Truly amazing....


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OK Yenn, I'll describe it for you.


The Equator runs through Kenya and Tanzania. The experiment shows a bowl with a hole in the middle. The hole is plugged and the bowl is filled with water. A board that fits the dish is inserted to make sure the water is not moving one way or the other. A flower is floated on the water, and the plug is removed from below. If the experiment is 5 metres north of the Equator line, the draining water starts to spin clockwise, illustrated by the flower spinning clockwise. Move the experiment to the south side of the Equator and repeat the procedure, and the flower rotates anti-clockwise. Place the experiment exactly on the Equator line and repeat. The water drains without rotating. See the freeze frames from the video.











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Nothing to do with magnetism. The Coriolis Effect has a very weak influence on the movement of fluids. Convention wisdom is that it is only noticeable over a very large area, and almost completely absent near the equator.

It affects the weather a bit but. . . around the UK a high pressure area ( anticyclone. . .. rotates Clockwise. . .which way does it rotate where you live ? You're dead right Mr Coriolis has B'All to do with Magnetism !



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As OK says it's an extremely weak effect near the actual equator because the earth's surface there is so close to being parallel to the axis the earth is spinning on. and it's hard to demonstrate consistently with draining water anywhere. Try it in the sink and it often will spin either way. on different occasions. Often preservation of angular momentum is the cause , like when a dancer moves arms and legs closer to the pivoting axis the rate of rotation speeds up. and slows when the opposite is done.


Wind systems DO always respond to it. Winds around high or low pressure areas do react to it oppositely in each hemisphere. It gets it's energy from the fact the earth is rotating but if the earth was a cylinder there wouldn't be any effect and of course if it was flat everything would fly off the edge if it rotated.. THAT doesn't bear thinking about really. Thinking and flat earth don't compute. Nev



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Methinks the young Kenyan has come upon a unique way of duping the gullible tourists.


The Earth's magnetic field cannot affect non-metallic substances with the amount of force to cause the water to rotate as indicated by the spinning flower. Likewise the Coriolis Effect is not observable in such a small system.


My money is on a cleverly designed insert in the drain tube which creates a water flow in the direction required to shock, stun and amaze the tourists.



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Very impressive demonstration Phil, but the direction of rotation actually disproves the premise!The water swirled clockwise into the low pressure zone in the northern hemisphere...

Oh, I've no doubt the thing was faked mate. . I must place '/sarc' or 'HAHA' after a comment like that. We had this discussion years back, on RF I think, and we roundly condemned it then as nonsense for the same reasons quoted herein.. Still,. . .that's all water down the drain now. . . .



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