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Non-PC Humour Still Alive..


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3 hours ago, ClintonB said:

Mongrels have blocked it from us on copyright grounds.

no sense of humour 

Yeah - have just noticed that come up for me, too.. If you search SNL Jokes on Youtube, you should be able to see some of their clips - all non-PC... 


2 hours ago, old man emu said:

You didn't miss anything. There was no humour in any of it.

It is American, after all.. But I did find some of it darkly funny...

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1 hour ago, nomadpete said:

Are you not a big fan of US humour, OME?

Humour engenders a primitive response to a situation, whether observed by yourself, or related to you in a story. Humour uses emotions. The basis is one's emotional response to a situation that is unusual. Against the concept of humour, we measure the concept of wit. Wit is the ability to relate seemingly disparate things so as to illuminate or amuse. It is more of an intellectual exercise.


The type of so-called humour used in the USA often provides a release to repressed emotions. People know that it is unacceptable to be racist. sexist, ageist etc and repress those emotions. However, if someone else expresses any of these '-ists' in a story, then people can release those suppressed emotions and excuse themselves by saying, "Ooh! What he said!".  British humour most often uses words and common phrases to get that primitive response we call humour.  Humour may or may not display intelligence, wit always does.


US humour has the effect of cheap rotgut whiskey - a mule kick to the throat. British humour is a mild sherry, sipped to tease the tastebuds in anticipation of future delights. The proof of the qualities of the two types is in the longevity of their products. US humour has a flash in the pan existence - gone as soon as it is uttered. British humour withstands the ages.

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