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Peter, the roadway is only 6.5M wide - not exactly our standard National Highway width of 8M - more like our old 60's and 70's National Highway width of 6M.


I'm guessing the speed limit there is relatively low, the entire length of this Atlantic Highway is only 8.3km, so not exactly a long-distance trip.

It also has an 8% gradient that would pose a minimum limit on the horsepower level, or a maximum of gross vehicle/combination mass, of the trucks using it, too.




It looks like lots of granite in the construction, that would've made it an expensive piece of construction, and hard on equipment, too!


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Little Norway can afford this amazing infrastructure because of their sensible policies; they have a trillion dollars in national savings.

Australia might have been in the same position if we had enacted one of Whitlam’s policies. Instead, we are a trillion in debt, foreign corporations make huge profots from our resources and don’t pay tax.

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