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Colin Powell


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Colin Powell has died from Covid complications. He was a former Secretary of State to G. W. Bush and also an advocate for the Iraq war.

I could never understand how he could support that war, especially given his record in the army.

He started at the bottom of the officer ranks and worked his way up to become the top general in the US army.

I have read his autobiography and he had a firm grasp of how to wage war, especially as far as being aware of the desired outcome and what could go wrong. He came over from that book as a level headed, intelligent, thinking senior officer. That was before he teamed up with G W Bush, where he seemed to catch the Republican madness.

He died in his mid eighties and was supposedly fully vaccinated. I wonder how the anti vaxxers would feel about that?

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I think a lot of the intelligence he was was given as regards WMD's was fabricated, or of suspicious origin, which could not be properly verified - but he would have been under a lot of pressure to go to War.

At 84, most people are at serious risk of contracting complications from any pneumonial virus.

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When I referred to "Pneumonial virus", I was referring to all the Pneumonia-type infections - of which, I understood that COVID-19 (as a coronavirus) was regarded as a Pneumonial-type infection.


I did know there were two main types of Pneumonia - bacterial and viral. Bacterial Pneumonia is a Pneumococcal disease caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae  - but there are quite a range of Pneumonial-type infections.


It appears that both Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia can be incurred along with the COVID-19 virus. The docs apparently have difficulty in identifying a number of these Pneumonial-type infections.

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He moved away from the Republican Party in his later years and admitted the WMD was  not true. That could include being wrongly advised. BUSH W had all the military all ready and there was no way he would pack up and leave. Bush also said it's NOT about oil. Murdoch papers at the time said " After THIS,  petrol will be almost free" . The US regarded the Arabs as "Sitting on OUR oil" .  Haliburton was owned by Dick Chaneys (the Vice president) wife.   Nev

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