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  1. Of course they will, that's why we dig it up, use it for a short period then bury it in land fill. The gods always look after humans, just look at the track record of all gods to see they exist to care for those that follow them. 🤣😇
  2. Dax

    The Nats

    No one would use monoculture, wild radish grows on just about anything and in very poor soils. With proper crop rotations and using seed oil plants to rejuvenate the soil as wild radish and some other weed seed crops do and provide a lot of nutrients by leaving the residue, makes a huge difference. As for growing seed oils having an effect on cooking oil yields, who cares, you're destroying your health by using the oils they sell. Most of deep fired foods are cooked in cotton seed and rape seed oil, which are very toxic substances and what natural food comes covered in oil, pretty
  3. Dax

    The Nats

    We have the ability to continue using ICE vehicles for awhile and still reduce emissions by 80%, as seed oils omit 80% less harmful emissions. We can and do make plastics, lubricants and just abut anything else coming from fossil fuels from seed oils. We have an seed plant that provides 50% oil content, twice the oil content of current food oils which can be used to make just about anything, including jet fuel, lubricants and it's a weed called wild radish. If we switched from fossil fuels to seed oils, we would create a long term viable income for the farming industry
  4. One problem is there's no laws covering truth in advertising, no any investigation or proper trialling of food additives and no idea of the effects of chemical additives. But it's diaries which are the elephant in the room, they are the worst thing you can put into your body, other than chemicals. Cows milk is designed to promote the fast growth of a calf, not the slow growth of humans. Humans are the only animal on earth that takes lactates after weaning and humans are also the sickest animal on the planet. There are diary products in just about all processed foods, the propaganda
  5. Sadly threads like this are largely ignored, people really don't want to know how to fix their health, they want someone to do it for them, so they can continue with the same lifestyle that's killing them. I've watched people close to me die because they are in deep denial of the causes of their health problems. I just don't understand their logic, it seems non existent and they get really pissed off if anyone suggests they change their approach to life. Watching someone dying when you know they could be helped, but they refuse and it's not a good thing to be part of. The best anti
  6. Dax

    The Nats

    Does a hang glider count.
  7. Dax

    The Nats

    Great observation and spot on, the problem is, they don't know what to do to get us back to sanity. Al they know is hoe they've cone it in the past and what their vested interests want, so they will promise everything. but give nothing. How many times have they said they would reign in corporations and that they were against gambling and fully behind real competition, but their own history for all parties shows the opposite since the mid 1960s. Back then we were a thriving self sufficient independent country of around 11 million people, we made everything including our defence systems and they
  8. Dax

    The Nats

    The fish I eat, is Tasmanian black back salmon and only take that when they are fully running, which is a couple of times a year and freeze most of the catch eating it about once a month and the same with chook, which is always organic. The meat today is junk chemicalised junk, all farmers except organic use large amounts of different chemicals on their farms and in their cattle. All my family thought I was crazy and wanted me to continue with chemo etc, they have largely disowned me, the only connection is through my youngest daughter and ex. Now all but my eldest sister and young
  9. It's for real, as one track says, low sunlight just before setting or rising, but you do see it's shadow at different times. This ones designed for racing, with low flight time. Shouldn't be to long before we see machines like this becoming common with longer ranges, maybe a peddle generator on one would help with range. Luckily it has a parachute, as do more and more light aircraft, which makes one more inclined to fly knowing if the engine stops or a wing falls off, you can still float down safely.
  10. On that show called american pickers, they came across one of those gulf stream caravans which had a motor to drive it around in. There's lots of vans and motorhomes cruising round that are fully self sufficient in power, using lifepo4 batteries. My old 78 Bedford motorhome with an Isuzu engine can stay away from civilisation for a couple of weeks, it has 3kw solar, 480ah lifepo4 and runs a/c, induction cooking/gas oven, big tv, 2 little tvs, laptops, phones, big Fridge and freezer. A/c, fridge and freezer are all inverter tehcnology, which uses about half the energy standard appli
  11. Dax

    The Nats

    Many supposed sarcastic claims turn out to be logically rational, devoted ideologues and in this case another deranged god nutter is so deluded he can't see the reality of his claim and thinks it's the opposite. The human race becoming vegans would probably save the planet. If that were to happen, pollution chemical use and global warming would dramatically reduce, along with the huge health improvement in humanity. But that would also cause an increase in human population, which would defeat the purpose as it's the number of humans that's causing the planet problems. I'm very clos
  12. You don't have to apologise, it's always good to get things of your chest, especially when things are tough in our lives. Dealing with bureaucrats at any time is frustrating, but in trying times they seem beyond understanding and that just adds to the stress. Sadly there's nothing much you can do, other than hang in and try to get some sense from them. Maybe sending their correspondent to someone superior, or even the press may get some positive outcome for you.
  13. Dax


    Raining here, been raining non stop since last night so stuck inside. My NDE, happened during an operation to remove the bottom lobe of my right lung, which was filled with a cancerous growth, caused by they say, my exposure to chemicals and trauma during my active service. My recollection was lying some where dark, warm and comfortable, it was very peaceful but could hear noise and people talking, but it was nice. Opened my eyes and could see a small light way off in the distance which suddenly started coming toward me getting bigger and bigger until I fell into it and could see p
  14. Dax


    I see agnostics as fence sitters, a foot in each camp and most are apologists for religion. Many atheists I see as much in denial as the religious, they deny the existence of anything outside the material world. Have experienced and seen to many things to deny the possibility of some form of conscious existence outside the material physical universe. My NDE showed me that side of things and it was a massive shock to the system, but have no idea what it is or how it works.
  15. Dax


    This is where the confusion comes in, the mythical creatures represent the energies of nature in all their different forms. They are one and the same thing and each nation had it's own individual take on the dream time stories, they are not all the same as is trying to be made out by some indigenous elitists. My totem is the sea eagle, which is why I like to live high up with a view all around and of the sea. I'm at peace under those conditions and where I live represents those conditions excellently.
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