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  1. Some chinese goods are fine, have lots of their junk and a MF backhoe frontend loader which comes from the 1960's, which still works fine, but a bit sloppy. Have a medium size Kubota 4x4 for the last 20 years and it's a great little tractor. My ebay $199 chinese bore pump has outlasted my neighbours $1500 grundig and it runs on my portable lifepo4 pack which sits in the workshop. Simply love lifepo4, such a massive advancement in energy storage and with most of my tools being cordless, means can work anywhere in the farm.
  2. Agree with your comments, always wonder why people can't discuss without being abusive derogatory or belittling. Seems if their viewpoints aren't accepted, or the comments interfere with their ideological programming, they get angry and go on the attack. Which means they learn nothing new, or gain an understanding of how others think and operate. Love your woodwork, mines sloppy and lazy. Hope you're ladies operation is a great success and you have many more years together.
  3. Just about all ideas should be investigated when it comes to most subjects involving humans. As we discover new forms of energy/generation, other problems or hurdles will arise followed by research and answers. Our understanding of batteries and energy, may be still in the nappy stage, or earlier. Sure would be if stars were the other side of black holes in another universe or reality and that would explain a lot. There is a logical scientific argument for it, 🤔
  4. When I first heard of iron air batteries way back in the late 1970's, they claimed they would be on the market for off grid within 5 years. In the 1980's a number of companies went the iron air direction, including Westinghouse and none of them could get it to work as claimed. The problem was and still is they can't get the rate or cycle stability right to make them practical. From what I've read in the past, the iron negative electrode causes the low energy cycle instability and the air positive electrode is causes the low rate capability. It's seems they have yet to overcome thos
  5. Iron air batteries have been around since the 1970's, the problem is they are extremely heavy and big, much to big for an Ev of any size. You will soon be able to get people movers with 300klm range, which would make excellent campervans. Add some solar panels on the roof and a couple of fold up panels, small lifepo4 house pack and you would be close to self sufficient on the road. https://www.drive.com.au/news/2021-byd-t3-australias-cheapest-electric-vehicle-now-on-sale-from-35855-drive-away/ These are our E bikes, they fold up and were designed for special
  6. The Aus constitution states both senators and house of representatives, must be elected by direct vote, not preferential or by a party and there is no provision within the constitution that allows for political parties.
  7. He was real driving force and creator of Dundee and Hogans success, if it hadn't been for John Cornell, there would never have been a Paul hogan show and it was excellent.
  8. I'm sure you don't know and it wouldn't be worth the time to try to explain it to you, the correlation is something most would fervently reject, because it exposes the vulnerability of their social belief systems and subconscious alignment with others on a psychological level, so they freak at that. Angry people never listen, can't comprehend the reality that surrounds them and are fixated on their ideological understanding. I'm saying this so you know I won't respond to angry attacks, been there done that and I learn from listening to peoples viewpoints even if they greatly disagr
  9. There are many things they are discovering that defy the law of physics, after all our physics is just a concept we've constructed to try to understand the universe and may have no relationship to the true universal reality revolving around energy creation. As we never went back to that area, have no idea whether his machine did what he said it would and didn't study the setup. Did see it operating for an hour or so, then we had to leave to get to our next gig and he had an amazing workshop. As a flywheel stores energy, wouldn't a small motor driving a small flywheel which drove a
  10. I grow weary of those who don't look at the whole picture and cling to the woke PC approach, which having been in control of societies this century, is revealing it's results. In my opinion, the psychological problems besetting the planet, revolve around what people put into their bodies, which are overflowing with mind altering chemicals in foods and urban air. We can always find examples of something which supports our stance, that's how people justify their positions, especially ideologues, who totally discount the overall picture in the hope no one will notice the truth.
  11. I have no problems with peoples sexual preferences, just don't think it's right men posing as women competing with women. Same as I don't think it's right single sex couples should be able to adopt or have children and the only reason for that is I believe a balanced upbringing can only be attained by having a biological mother and father in the relationship with the child. Now they allow those with absolutely no biological association with the child to be classed as a father or mother, we sure have slid down the drain of ethical responsibility and social sanity.
  12. There are two types of ice engines, compression and combustion. You can't run a diesel on petrol and the same with petrol, can't use diesel to run them. We use methanol to make bio diesel, but prefer pure seed oil which means there is very little change to the fuel system and less work.
  13. The machine I saw had a small 6v motor driving the small flywheel which drove the other flywheels. According to the bloke the motor driving it used less 25% of the energy the alternator produced. That's why he claimed it as perpetual motion it produced more than it used.
  14. If you are born biologically a man, then you are a man, irrelevant as to what your head trip says and in my opinion supposed transgender people should not be allowed to compete against their biologically opposite gender. It's all a head trip, not biological just a bent head trip and they are welcome to that and are entitled to live their lives as they please. But not when it comes to competing against women when you are biologically a man, that's an unfair advantage and no amount of suppressant drugs will change their biological reality.
  15. Think I've found the flywheel for my perpetual motion generator,😁😇🤐 just need a big crane and no one looking.🤫
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