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Why I never played golf.


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The closest I've been to golf was when I was a kid, still in primary school. The parents were away overseas and my older brother and I were alone on the farm for a while. He was mad keen on golf and we had big fallow paddocks as flat as a larrikin's hat. We used the mother's VW Beetle for a golf buggy. The brother would hit off all the balls then we would jump in the beetle to retrieve them.  He would drive and I'd hang out the open passenger door and grab them on the go. If I missed one, the older brother would wheel the Beetle around and I'd have another go; like cowboys chasing and roping cows. That part of it was fun.


We never told the parents about it when they returned. Luckily, the weeds by then had covered up our wheelie marks in the paddock, so the evidence was wiped.

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It's one good thing about growing up on a farm or having mates on farms - learning to drive young. I learnt in the old FJ ute as soon as the legs were long enough to reach pedals. Had to have pillows behind me so I could sit forward enough. Strong arm steering too in those days and I only had puny kid's arms to wheel it around the farm. All good fun.



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