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Hydraulic Bottle Jack repair

old man emu

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While we spend a lot of time doing maintenance on our vehicles, and you can include airplane as well, how much time do we give to maintaining those tools that make the job easier? My relatively new gearbox hoist stopped working - loss of pressure, so I searched the 'Net for information on how to get it to pressurise again.


As usual, the information was readily available on YouTube, so I thought I'd save you the time in chasing it yourselves. Here's a link to the video I found profoundly instructive.




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You are lucky I have tried several times to find info on U tube and it is usually useless. 




Yenn, try some of these:




I bet pounds to peanuts that neither of you bothered to click on the link and watch the video. If you have, drifting off onto the topic of Jabiru carburetors would not have happened. 


Go back and look at the video.



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If I had a workshop helper that looked like that, I'm afraid there wouldn't be a lot of repair work getting done - and what got done, would need to be re-done.


She has a deft hand when it comes to polishing rods. But with nails like that, she's spent bugger-all time in a real workshop, doing real repairs!!



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