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Living in Australia


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Not in Aus, but a favourite story from my now deceased father in law.. In a rural Devon village where they finally settled, the patriarchal farming family were religious. Bad floods one time, over a Sunday and while the whp;e village pitched in to hel those whose property was at severe risk, they stayed at home for the Sabbath.. As it is gods will that everyone rests on the sabbath, apparently... To this day, the family are ostrasiced and as now the village is quite a magent for the ex bankers that made it in the heyday, their money no lomger buys friends...



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I know it's not misspelling, it's typo's. That's the problem with tablets and phones. Too easy to make a mistake, too difficult to correct. I don't use a tablet, and only use a phone for SMS's (and voice calls of course). Then I have to use a stylus. My fingers are too big. Darned if I know how people text with both thumbs.



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