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I was just watching an episode of The Crown (season 3), where Princess Margaret apparently had a fairly rowdy dinner at the White House with Lyndon Johnson.


Apparently the night ended with a drinking and limerick-inventing competition - which the Princess won with this beauty:


"There was a young lady from Dallas


Who used a dynamite stick as a phallus


They found her vagina


in North Carolina


And her ar*sehole in Buckingham Palace!"


(The best part was that they had the British Prime Minister reporting this to the Queen).


Anyway it got me thinking - perhaps we should have a thread for limericks!  Give us your best ones.



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There was a young lady, named Hilda.


Who once went out with a builder,


He said that he could and he should and he would,


and he did and he very near killed her.


Said quickly, this always results in having to say it again slowly, so that it is understood.



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