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how true

storchy neil

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Bill Shorten is my Shepherd, I shall not want:


He will leadeth me beside still factories and abandoned farms.


He will restoreth my faith about the Liberal Party.


He will annointeth my wages with taxes and inflation So my expenses runneth


over my income.


Surely, poverty and hard-living shall follow if Labor win.


Five thousand years ago Moses said:


"Pack your Camels, pick up your shovels, move your arse, and I will lead you


to the Promise Land."


Five thousand years later Bill said:


"Lay down your shovels, sit on your arse, light up a joint. This is the


Promise Land".


Next election Bill could take your shovel, sell your camel, kick your arse


and tell you he gave away the Promise Land.


I'm glad I'm Australian, I'm glad I'm free.


But I wish I was a dog and Bill was a tree.





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gee go to top of class


and now shorten has gone so low that a snake would not feel him or a grub


reason for statement he has opened the doors for the ferals to enter aust by their boat


shorten is not the one that has to go and pull the bodies out of the water


who is lying about naru and the hospital and the medical doctors 6 persons for each doc oh sheeeeet that's right the machinery is second hand from china or Africa


so shorton and his union mates and greens rabel and the independents need to be deported and while your loading that refugee boat back to to where it came from through turnbull into it neil



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You could change the name in that to any LNP leader.


The Libs are running desperate now. They've lost control of the parliament and thankfully, the Phelps bill to allow doctors more say in who can come to Australia for medical treatment, has passed both lower house and senate.


I was listening to Richard Di Natale's speech today and have to say it was a corker. As he said - the LNP is trying to deny innocent people medical care in order to send a message to others - we would not allow this in any other situation. People complain about how common decency doesn't exist any more - well there's a prime example. As a country we should be ashamed of how we've treated refugees. Demonizing them, calling them names, locking them up until their mental health is gone and they commit suicide or go on hunger strike. Sounds more like North Korea or Myanmar than a civilized democratic nation.


Well done Greens, Independents and Labor for making this change. Hopefully this signifies a course change away from the Abbott/Dutton/Abetz hardline callousness and toward a more humane and decent policy.



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So true.


Bill may be only good to piss on, but what is the alternative?


Our LNP government makes me so un proud to be Australian.


Look at how they treat our citizens. David Hicks, thrown to the dogs in Guantanamo.


The wicki leaks bloke Julian Assange. I really thought that when Julie bishop became foreign minister, she would fix his problem, but she was a true blue LNP pollie, so did nothing. The latest was a refugee from Bahrein, languished in Thailand while our government did stuff all. It took sporting bodies to get that fixed.


We were told by the LNP that they would get rid of the deficit and their constant campaign is that Labor can't be trusted with money. We still have the deficit.


We also have fifty billion payment to make to a french submarine builder. The sub will not be operational until 2030 and by that time the bill will be one hundred and twenty billion for a finished article that will not perform up o specs.


Labor is going to open the flood gates to boat people. Why is it so difficult for our government to let boat people in and decide if they are or are not refugees. Why do they have to spend many years on Manus or some other island.The answer is clear, our government cannot write legislation preventing unwanted, non citizens from using our court system and lawyers paid for by us, making a fortune for themselves.Cconsidering that the most heavily represented proffession in politicians is probably lawyers, they do not impress me.


Just look at all the big decisions made by governments in the last say 15 years and you will see that the lunatics are running the asylum.


Of course if they are not really mad they are either incompetent or corrupt.


I don't know which way i will vote at the next election, but not for the sitting member, Ken O'Dowd. and the Labor candidate will probably be a brat still wet behind the ears. Vote Green? wishy washy airey fairy and a vote for them is only a protest against the big parties. Oh for a good independent candidate.



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The one running against Phoney seems to be quite a smart and talented Candidate (and a woman.TOO) Tony HATES being beaten by a woman..


Of course Shorten has a bad name. Why wouldn't he. . ,They (The LNP) spend most of the QT's time and both houses time saying so and 60 + million of your money on a Royal Commission designed to blacken him and provide frontpage headlines for months for the Telecrap/Terrorgraph. Despite all that, he took Labor to within an inch of winning the last election.. He's seen off Turnbull without firing a shot and the LIB/ Nats are self destructing more each day.. Shouty has enemies throughout his own party and he shoots from the hip and hits his foot. every time.. 5 more sitting days only for the Parliament and that's IT.. Not game to go there so we don't really have a parliament till the election is over in May. That's a national Disgrace. Nev



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The first time I saw Bill Shorten was when he was a union official at the mine disaster in Tasmania. He didn't impress me then, in fact the mine manager seemed to care more for the missing miners than bill did. Having said that I must admit he looks pretty good compared to the LNP rabble.



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I've heard the difference between the reported rhetoric (on the 'news'), and listening to the actual talk from a couple of popular pollies. At the same location, same event. I came away worried about the dangerous 'tendencies' and attitudes of a popular Pollie after hearing ALL of what he had to say before the media 'massaged' his talk into suitable sound bites for the evening news.


Scarey. If you spent some time with some of these pollies, one might develop some severe bias against them. The problem is twofold.


First, one cannot believe anything the media reports.


Second, how to find the truth about the policies and beliefs of anybody that may aspire to have power over our destiny?



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The media gets away with far too much. Fact checkers need to be used on everything. IF they were required to report truthfully they would all sell their businesses as they are not interested in the truth.. It's not sensational enough and they can't exert power over what people do, and control the way they vote, spend, gamble and think.. Nev



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What this country needs is a benevolent dictator who would be game enough to call a spade a spade, and tell a few people to grow a pair.

OH I WiSH the same thing in the UK mate. . .this Jihadi woman who wants the UK to rescue her and her ISIS baby from a Syrian POW camp is being used by the Media to divert attention from the upcoming treachery over the Brexit business.


This will NOT end well. I won't go on about it here because it makes me so bloody angry.



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marty so its ok for that **** ABC to denigraite a 16 year old child you better fact check what you rite I hope that your ABC the lying pieces off crap get their arsss sued off them neil

Which 16 year old are they denigrating Neil?


If the ABC are "lying pieces of crap" then you better turn off all news, because they're the most honest of the bunch.



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