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Being a Good Neighbour to our Friends


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I have noticed over my (somewhat lengthy) lifespan that, occasionally, people do some pretty dumb things. With Christmas coming, with all the stress that it involves, and related poor judgement, I think it would be a good idea for all of us to ring up our mates and acquaintances, and distract them at least for a few minutes, from the horrors of life such as presented by the Murdoch press.


I would suggest a regular, easy to remember time - lets say the first Tuesday in November each year, at afternoon tea time - 1502hrs probably ideal.





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They can be, and often are required to do things on a lot of that holiday time and they take a $#1tload of work home. The rate of people leaving teaching after say 5 years is large. I respect the profession of teaching and WE expect THEM to do a lot of stuff a "proper" parent would have done . so if you want to attack them you won't get my support.. Nev



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Different teacher's in a VERY different time !.


I still cannot stop having panic attacks, when asked to attend "parents-Grandparents" day for my eldest grandson's child,


Wife went, but he thinks I should be over it. AND I cannot do my "basic air test" because of my heart pumping like I,d run a marathon.





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