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Times change


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The current rural wage guide would class the above work at Level 5 (5 FLH) for which the current award rate of pay for a fulltime employee is $755.60 per week ($19.88/hr). Extra payment is made for being in charge of other workers (from $21.63 for supervising two workers to $45.14 for more than 20 workers). $2.63 per day for being a first aid officer. $13.06 per week for supplying a horse and saddle.


If the the employee is provided with "Keep", then the weekly wage is reduced by $125.13 per week.


18 pounds in 1957 is said to be equal to $549 in 2017. $755.60 would have been equal to about 25 pounds. The average wage in 1957 was twelve pounds, six shillings or $397.



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Something wrong with your equivalent 549 dollars 2017. 18 pounds /week would be a good rate in 1957. My father was management in the steel Industry for about that which would buy you a house inside 2 years but we didn't have much. I got just over 3 pounds at teacher's college and had to work 2 nights and both weekend days just to live. A plane was about 6 quid an hour to hire at the time. Nev



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18 Pound a week !Most Aussies won't get out of bed for that pittance.


It's an insult, should be 18 pounds an HOUR.




OOps I'm in England, LoL

Current minimum rates in UK for under 25s is £4.50-ish an hour; over 25s £7.75-ish an hour. Not sure what farm hands earn but I would guess around £12/hr


We also have zero hours contracts - work not guaranteed - until recently employers putting one on these could compel them not to work elsewhere



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When I started as as a stockman in 1962 I was getting 12 pounds per week plus milk and meat and a house. It was a good way to save money.


Pity the manager was an out and out rat bag, or I would have stayed there.



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