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Mount Agong Volcano ( Bali ) expected to erupt soon

Phil Perry

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There is serious talk of an eruption of the Mt Agung volcano on the Island of Bali, 50,000 people are being evacuated.


If this actually Does happen,. . I wonder how it will affect airline flights to the North / North West of Australia. . .


The Icelandic one a few years back, when Eyafyallajokuul erupted, this caused utter mayhem with air travel suspended over a wide area in the Northern hemisphere for quite a while, costing millions to all sorts of industres, not just airlines.. . .if it Does blow,. . .let's hope it's just a little 'burp'. . .





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If it blows and all the experts believe it will, there are going to be a lot of people clamouring to fly out of Bali in a very short time.


Good for the airlines, they will be able to gouge vast amounts off the travelling public. Just as they are doing to cowboys suppporters in N Qld.


With tourism going on as normal now, someone is going to be left stranded and they are going to scream like mad about it.



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That's easy for you to say.

It don't pronounce the way it's spelled ( and it ain't spelled right anyhow cobber. . .) Geologists agree that it would be better if 'Katla' blows next, as it's easier to say on telly. . .it was hilarious listening to all the different reporter interpretations of that name ! I felt genuinely sorry for one Lady reporter who just couldn't get her tongue around it. Fair play to them for showing seven 'out takes' after the news !



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Volcanoes, earthquakes, the world is falling apart. All those North Korean bomb tests? They are on the Pacific Rim.

No way, Red. It's all caused by the rampant immorality and sodomy across the US of A. Those good old southern politicians couldn't be wrong.


Roy Moore beats Trump-backed 'Big Luther' in Alabama Republican Senate primary



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