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Phil Perry

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Some Effing Shyte ‘Presenter’ on the BBC ‘News’ Channel with a panel load of 'Efniks' calling ALL white people dumb. . . .for voting to leave the EU, and casting aspersions upon the general 'Intelligence' and pathetic 'Intelect' inherent in 'WHITE' people.. . . .YES, I know, it's just the BBCs constant propaganda, but sometimes it just gets my bloody goat. . . .


Yeah, I guess we really ARE the dumb ones. . . .


Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, steam power, mechanisation of factories, internal combustion engine, telephone, penicillin, DNA, television, surgical dressings, constitutional government, hygiene, antibiotics, supersonic air travel, heart and organ transplants, modern medicinal drugs ...Beethoven, Newton, DaVinci, Shakespeare, Pasteur, Mozart, Kepler, Turner, Aristotle, Pasteur, Galileo, Rembrandt, Brunel, Bach, Michelangelo, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Descartes, Fermat, Stephenson, Leibniz, Von Neumann, Pascal, Chaucer, Copernicus, Van Gogh, Ptolemy, Laplace, Chopin, Dickens, Schubert, Babbage, Vivaldi, Curie, Tesla, Faraday, Bell, Edison, Boyle, Hippocrates, Jenner, Lister, Monet.Thales,Heracleitus, Pheidas, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Diogenes, Zeno, Thomas Acquinas, William of Ockham, Erasmus, Paracelsus, Caravaggio, Reubens, Leonardo, Homer, Hesiod, Herodotus, Aristophanes, Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus, Hiero of Alexandria, Anaxagoras, Polybius, Isocrates, Theucydese.Babbage, Tommy Flowers, Alan Turing, John Logie Baird, Barnes Wallis. .Rod Stiff. .Slim Dusty,. . Ian Whatsisname, (from that Aussie blog, Recreational Flying dot com )


Over to you Mr BBC "White people are dumb people" Please explain. . . .


Someone once said that White people are supposed to take responsibility for what their ancestors did hundreds of years ago, while others,. . . . do not even take responsibility for what their children do today. . . .seems fair dunnit ?



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deep breaths phil

Thank you for that Phil. . . .I have just reminded Brenda ( that is our nickname for Her Maj ) in an email to Buckingham Palace,. . . that she STILL HAS THE ROYAL PREROGATIVE.


And if Article 50 is as full of holes and legal obfuscations as it appears, THAT. . .She can simply overule the Parliament using this prerogative, and use the ONLY instrument which can remove us from the EU morass. . . . .Anthony Blair ( Ex-PM ) tried to have this power removed during his tenure, but it was beyind his remit.


There fore, If HRH decides that we are better off OUT of the EU,. . .she can simply invoke this privilege and revoke the 1972 European Communities Act, and everything, including all and every treaty signed by UK ministers which followed this would be immediately null and void.


Whether she WILL do this, is the point. The Monarch has not interfered in parliamentary Democracy for a long time, BUT, should the will of the people, in a democratic vote, be denied, . . .she really has no choice as Monarch. . . .A seriouslly heavy load for such an elderly person. . . .but seeing this pronunciation, by a lwyer working inside the Government,. . .there may be no alternative. . . .




Article 50 means that the UK is trapped until 2022+ with all EU liabilities. Use Royal Prerogative NOW. Repeal 1972 now not later.



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I doubt that the Queen would interfere, she has never done so in the past. You get the government you deserve, that was part of my reasoning in becoming an ex Pom. Now there are so many poms in Australia that we are going the same way with the present government. They think they are born to rule and the voters are only there to be hoodwinked.


I was brought up with the song, There will always be an England and England will always be free. What a load of rubbish that is and Aus is going the same way.



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The ABC is the same tax payer funded leftard BS.

So on the ABC today we have:


Rage (music videos)


Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries


Vera (British crime show)


David Attenborough's Great Barrier Reef


Australia's Remote Islands


Chateau Downunder - A Wine Revolution (documentary of the Australian wine industry)


Outback Choir (documentary following a regional country children's choir)


When the Beatles Drove Us Wild (documentary)


ABC News (ya know - it just reports the news - you don't have to like the news if you don't want to)


New Years Eve telecast


So.....which of these shows are taxpayer funded leftard BS?


I suspect you mean "A teeny tiny proportion of ABC shows are opinion/political shows and I don't like what they say, therefore my immaculate logical reasoning is that everything the ABC has ever done is taxpayer funded leftard BS".



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Hey Phil... just a suggestion mate... if you don't like the BBC, why don't you just... not watch it?

Same goes for you with the ABC Teckair. These things are not compulsory viewing.

Well there you go again Marty. Using logic where none exists.


I think a smattering of shows on Fox, namely Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and a couple of other opinion shows are absolute garbage. However Fox as a TV channel itself actually has many really interesting shows which I quite enjoy. So I don't say "Fox TV is extreme right-wing conservative nutjob sky-fairy tosh which should be wiped off the face of the Earth", which would be a fair comment if Hannity was the only thing I ever watched on it. I specify the shows I don't like, I don't watch them, but I watch the others I enjoy without judging the entire channel.


But this is using common sense.



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Hey Phil... just a suggestion mate... if you don't like the BBC, why don't you just... not watch it?

Same goes for you with the ABC Teckair. These things are not compulsory viewing.

It is intriguing to me when people say the ABC or BBC is rubbish,if you think it is BS then why do you watch it, if you don't watch it then how do you know it is rubbish (other than Andrew Bolt told you)..


Since the age of watching what we say and pc is over I feel that I can now say exactly what I think (yes it cuts both ways) So I am assuming that those who think the BBC is rubbish have watched the docos about quantum physics or perhaps the history of chemistry or the solar system and have either analysed them and found them to be inaccurate or they don't understand them or they think that knowledge is some kind of left wing plot. I can understand that they don't like BBC news because it perhaps does not support their gut feeling about things but if you feel that BBC science and history docos are rubbish PLEASE provide examples. To help you out here is a list of BBC docos but OF COURSE no one will seriously give me any supporting evidence that the BBC is full of rubbish, instead they will probably call me a "libtard" that oh so witty word that always reminds me of an inadequate teenage boy who is raging at the world because they are having trouble coping with it.


links available here - http://thetvdb.com/?tab=season&seriesid=79660&seasonid=650366


1 The Joy of Rachmaninoff 2016-01-01


2 Leningrad and the Orchestra That Defied Hitler 2016-01-02


3 Britain's Muslim Soldiers 2016-01-03


4 The Age of Loneliness 2016-01-07


5 The Story Of The Day The Clown Cried 2016-01-03


6 Big Hits: TOTP 1964 to 1975 2016-01-04


7 The Millionaire's Gift Guide 2016-01-03


8 Royal Wives at War 2016-01-08


9 The Town That Took On The Taxman 2016-01-20


10 David Bowie: Sound and Vision 2016-01-11


11 Bad Dads' Army: The Hatton Garden Heist 2016-01-14


12 Attenborough And The Giant Dinosaur 2016-01-24


13 Murder Games: The Life and Death of Breck Bednar 2016-01-26


14 Children Saved From The Nazis: The Story Of Sir Nicholas Winton 2016-01-27


15 Barely Legal Grafters 2016-01-19


16 Adam Pearson: Freak Show 2016-01-19


17 Ryan Farquhar: Back On The Road 2016-01-19


18 Britain's Trillion Pound Island: Inside Cayman 2016-01-22


19 Lemmy: In His Own Words 2016-01-22


20 Burns, My Dad and Me 2016-01-25


21 Goya Exposed with Jake Chapman 2016-01-20


22 Patrick Kielty's Mulholland Drive 2016-01-26


23 Troll Hunters 2016-01-27


24 Pierre Boulez at the BBC: Master and Maverick 2016-01-29


25 Rise of the Superstar Vloggers 2016-02-01


26 Bloody Queens: Elizabeth and Mary 2016-02-01


27 The Supergamers 2016-02-02


28 The Virtual Reality Virgin 2016-02-02


29 Webcam Boys 2016-02-03


30 Camila's Kids Company - The Inside Story 2016-02-03


31 Professor Green: Hidden And Homeless 2016-02-09


32 How To Die: Simon's Choice 2016-02-10


33 Britains Brainiest School 2016-02-03


34 School's Not for Me 2016-02-01


35 The Most Dangerous Band in the World: The Story of Guns N' Roses 2016-02-05


36 The Not So Secret Life of the Manic Depressive: 10 Years On 2016-02-15


38 My Baby, Psychosis And Me 2016-02-16


39 In Private View: Neelam Gill On Vogue 2016-02-17


40 Annabel's Nightclub: A String of Naked Lightbulbs 2016-02-06


41 Montalbano and Me: Andrea Camilleri 2016-02-07


42 Rick Stein's Taste of Shanghai 2016-02-08


43 Addicted to Sheep 2016-02-08


44 The Docklands Bomb: Executing Peace 2016-02-09


45 Grime Scene Queens 2016-02-10


46 Stacey Dooley in Cologne: The Blame Game 2016-01-28


47 The Easybeats to AC/DC: The Story of Aussie Rock 2016-02-12


48 Botticelli's Venus: The Making Of An Icon 2016-02-15


49 Ireland's Treasures Uncovered 2016-02-15


50 Before I Kick the Bucket: The Whole Story 2016-02-15


51 Facelifts and Fillers 2016-02-17


51 Botticelli's Venus: The Making of an Icon 2016-02-15


52 Daft Punk Unchained 2016-02-19


53 Kipling's Indian Adventure 2016-02-16


54 The Man Who Witnessed 219 Executions 2016-02-19


55 Pompeii: New Secrets Revealed with Mary Beard 2016-03-03


56 Perfect Pianists at the BBC 2016-03-04


57 Britain's Secret Slavery Business 2016-03-11


58 The Return of Flying Scotsman 2016-03-06


59 Frontline Doctors: Winter Migrant Crisis 2016-03-07


60 Dunblane: Our Story 2016-03-09


61 Meet The Devotees 2016-03-09


62 Virtuoso Violinists at the BBC 2016-03-11


63 Behind Closed Doors 2016-03-14


64 Boris: The London Years 2016-03-14


65 The Queen's 90th Birthday: A Service of Celebration for Commonwealth Day 2016-03-14


66 Wales's Most Deprived Estate: The Fight Back 2016-03-14


67 The Estate We're In 2016-03-15


68 Trapped in Syria: My Mum's Story 2016-03-15


69 Brendan O'Carroll: My Family at War 2016-03-16


70 Jo Brand's Hell of a Walk for Sport Relief 2016-03-17


71 Miss Transgender: Britain's New Beauty Queens 2016-03-15


72 John Williams at the BBC 2016-03-18


73 The Savage World of Social Media 2016-03-21


74 The Battle for Christianity 2016-03-22


75 Swansea Sparkle: A Transgender Story 2016-03-22


76 Chef Vs Science: The Ultimate Kitchen Challenge 2016-03-23


77 Hayley: Call Centre's Tanning Addict 2016-03-24


78 In The Footsteps of Judas 2016-03-25


79 Murdered by My Father 2016-03-29


80 Scruffts: Britain's Favourite Dog 2016-03-16


81 The Boy with No Hands 2016-03-12


82 The Last Days of Legal Highs 2016-04-05


83 Can Seb Coe Save Athletics? 2016-03-26


84 Being the Brontes 2016-03-26


85 Janis Joplin Little Girl Blue 2016-03-25


86 The Brontes at the BBC 2016-03-27


87 Tim Rhys-Evans: All in the Mind 2016-03-27


88 Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man For Sport Relief 2016-03-28


89 Centenary of the Easter Rising 2016-03-27


90 1916: The Irish Rebellion 2016-03-28


91 Easter Rising 1916: Eoin MacNéill, The Rebellion's Forgotten Man? 2016-03-27


92 Life in Debt Valley 2016-03-29


93 Murdered by My Father 2016-03-29


94 Connie Fisher on Make-Up 2016-03-30


95 #welshteens: My Perfect Body 2016-03-31


96 Sir Peter Maxwell Davies: Master And Maverick 2016-04-01


97 Easter 1916: The Enemy Files 2016-03-31


98 The Vikings Uncovered 2016-04-04


99 Bob Geldof on WB Yeats: A Fanatic Heart 2016-04-03


100 Workers or Shirkers? Ian Hislop's Victorian Benefits 2016-04-07


102 Chasing Dad: A Lifelong Addiction 2016-04-10


103 Abused: The Untold Story 2016-04-11


104 Hack Me! The Girl With Magnetic Fingers 2016-04-12


105 BBC: The Secret Files 2 2016-04-14


106 Britain's Biggest Superyachts: Chasing Perfection 2016-04-15


110 Tom Jones' 1950s, The Decade That Made Me 2016-04-16


111 A Tale Of Five Temples: The Story Of Hinduism In Britain 2016-10-30


112 Stacey Dooley in Greece: Migrant Kids in Crisis 2016-04-19


113 The Queen's 90th Birthday Live 2016-04-21


114 Elizabeth at 90 - A Family Tribute 2016-04-21


115 The Everly Brothers: Harmonies from Heaven 2016-04-22


116 Aliens: The Big Think 2016-04-23


117 Billy Fury: The Sound of Fury 2016-04-22


118 Shakespeare Live From The RSC 2016-04-23


119 Yehudi Menuhin: Who's Yehudi? 2016-04-24


120 Never Again: Fear And Faith In Paris 2016-04-26


121 The Moon 2016-04-28


122 Attenborough at 90 - Life Behind the Lens 2016-04-30


124 Forest, Field & Sky: Art out of Nature 2016-05-03


125 The Rise of Khan 2016-05-04


126 The May Blitz: Seven Days That Rocked Liverpool 2016-05-06


127 When Pop Went Epic: The Crazy World of the Concept Album 2016-05-06


128 Attenborough at 90 2016-05-08


129 Hillsborough 2016-05-08


130 Attenborough's Life That Glows 2016-05-09


131 5000/1: How Leicester City Beat the Odds 2016-05-03


132 Cunk on Shakespeare 2016-05-11


133 The Sun 2016-05-02


134 Jack To A King - The Swansea Story 2016-05-14


136 Faoi Gheall ag Éirinn 2016-04-03


137 Rest in Pixels 2016-05-11


138 Leicester's Impossible Dream 2016-05-17


139 Black Power: America's Armed Resistance 2016-05-17


140 Bodyhack: Metal Gear Man 2016-05-18


141 David Attenborough's Zoo Quest in Colour 2016-05-11


142 Scotland's First Oil Rush 2016-05-17


143 Paxman in Brussels: Who Really Rules Us? 2016-05-19


144 EMI: The Inside Story 2016-05-20


145 The Queen Mary: Greatest Ocean Liner 2016-05-24


146 United States of Hate: Muslims Under Attack 2016-05-24


147 World Cup 1966 - Alfie's Boys 2016-05-22


148 The Last Days of Legal Highs 2016-05-25


149 Jimmy Hill: A Man for All Seasons 2016-05-21


150 The World's Biggest Flower Market 2016-05-27


151 The Secret of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony 2016-05-28


152 Battle Of Jutland: The Navy's Bloodiest Day 2016-05-29


153 Belfast's Forgotten Hero: HMS Caroline 2016-05-29


154 The Truth About Alcohol 2016-05-26


155 Playing Beethoven's Fifth 2016-05-29


156 Going Going Gone: Nick Broomfield's Disappearing Britain 2016-05-25


157 The Real Versailles 2016-05-30


158 Kelly Holmes: My Marathon Story 2016-04-09


159 With Hope in Their Hearts 2016-04-16


160 Ben Building: Mussolini, Monuments and Modernism 2016-06-01


161 Alan Shearer's Euro 96: When Football Came Home 2016-06-01


162 The Penis Extension Clinic 2016-06-02


163 The Making of an Ice Princess 2016-05-25


164 Anthony Joshua: A Legend in the Making 2016-04-06


165 Britain and Europe: For Richer or Poorer 2016-05-31


166 Deepcut: The Army's Shame 2016-06-03


167 Murphy and O'Kane Do... Le Football 2016-06-04


168 Michael Sheen: The Fight for My Steel Town 2016-06-08


169 Football Fight Club 2 2015-10-13


170 Koko: The Gorilla Who Talks to People 2016-06-15


171 Britain and Europe: The Immigration Question 2016-06-14


172 The Big EU Reality Check 2016-06-20


173 Lucy Worsley: Mozart's London Odyssey 2016-06-21


174 Professor Green: Dangerous Dogs 2016-06-21


175 Britain's Most Spectacular Backyard Builds 2016-06-21


176 Inside Porton Down: Britain's Secret Weapons Research Facility 2016-06-28


177 Women Prisoners: Throw Away the Key? 2016-06-15


178 The Muslim Pound 2016-07-03


179 Life and Deaf 2016-07-04


180 Just Call Me Martina 2016-07-04


181 B Is for Book 2016-07-05


182 Britain's Lost Waterlands 2016-07-06


183 Heroes of the Somme 2016-07-05


184 MAKE! Craft Britain 2016-06-09


185 Clean Eating's Dirty Secrets 2016-07-11


186 Wales at the Somme: Gareth Thomas and the Battle of Mametz Wood 2016-07-04


187 Sex, Drugs and Murder: Life in the Red Light Zone: Welcome to Holbeck 2016-07-12


188 Fixing Dad 2016-07-24


189 The Greatest Poem of World War One: David Jones's In Parenthesis 2016-07-14


190 Scotland's Einstein: James Clerk Maxwell - The Man Who Changed the World 2015-12-02


191 Jessica Ennis-Hill: A Coach's Story 2016-07-16


192 Serena 2016-07-03


193 NYPD: Biggest Gang in New York? 2016-07-17


194 Swim the Channel 2016-07-18


195 The Search for the Lost Manuscript: Julian of Norwich 2016-07-19


196 The Man Who Filmed the Somme 2016-07-02


197 The Men Who Sleep in Trucks 2016-07-19


198 The Joy of Data 2016-07-20


199 When Pop Went Crazy: The Epic World of the Concept Album 2016-07-23


200 Keith Richards - The Origin of the Species 2016-07-23


201 The Marvellous World of Roald Dahl 2016-07-23


202 Roger Bannister: Everest on the Track 2016-07-28


203 Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict 2016-07-21


204 Jade: Why I Chose Porn 2016-08-02


205 Britain's Pompeii: A Village Lost in Time 2016-08-02


206 The Banker's Guide to Art 2016-07-14


207 The Girl from Ipanema: Brazil, Bossa Nova and the Beach 2016-08-01


208 Brexit: The Battle for Britain 2016-08-08


209 The Mystery of Van Gogh's Ear 2016-08-06


210 Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach 2016-07-30


211 Generation '66 2016-07-31


212 Britain's Most Wanted Motorbike Gangs? 2016-08-09


213 The Gift of Hearing 2016-07-29


214 Redefining Juliet 2016-05-01


215 The Dark Way Home 2016-05-26


216 From EastEnders to Hollywood: Antonia Bird 2016-05-22


217 Hidden Killers of the Post War Home 2016-05-25


218 Josie: My Cancer Curse 2016-07-26


219 Last Whites of the East End 2016-05-24


220 Life Inside Wandsworth Prison 2016-08-13


221 Brought Up On Porn 2016-08-15


222 Damien Hirst And Jeff Koon's Side By Side: The Interview 2016-05-19


223 Scotland: The Edge Of Europe 2016-06-01


224 Duran Duran at Eden 2016-06-05


225 Kate Humble: My Sheepdog and Me 2016-08-15


226 Muhammad Ali: The Greatest 2016-06-04


227 Pappano's Italian Double Bill at the Royal Opera House 2016-06-12


228 Thierry Henry: My France, My Euros 2016-06-07


229 Summer-night Concert from Vienna - 2016 2016-06-19


230 Brexageddon?! 2016-07-19


231 Sings Stevie Wonder 2016-07-08


232 Forgotten Warriors of World War One 2016-07-05


233 James Joyce Goes to China 2016-07-23


234 Visions of World War One 2016-07-11


235 Wales' Euro Heroes 2016-07-15


237 Can Britain Have A Payrise? 2016-08-24


238 Summer: Earth's Seasonal Secrets 2016-08-26


239 Home to Ebbw Vale 2016-08-02


240 Mo Farah: Race of His Life 2016-08-04


241 The Closer We Get 2016-07-30


242 Night Tube: The First Weekend 2016-08-28


243 Scotland at the Games 2016-08-29


245 All Aboard! The Country Bus 2016-08-29


246 Smack in Suburbia: America's Heroin Crisis 2016-08-30


247 Being Mavis Nicholson: TV's Greatest Interviewer 2016-08-25


248 The Brownlees: An Olympic Story 2016-05-14


249 The R&B Feeling: The Bob Parks Story 2016-09-19


250 Who's Afraid of Conceptual Art? 2016-09-19


251 A Week In The Wild 2016-09-01


252 Being Jamie Baulch: The Search for My Birth Dad 2016-09-01


253 A Very British Deterrent 2016-09-04


254 London 1666 2016-09-05


255 Unfinished: The Making of Massive Attack 2016-09-06


256 The Severn Bridge at 50: A High Wire Act 2016-09-07


257 Gaga for Dada: The Original Art Rebels 2016-09-21


258 Tank Men 2016-09-09


260 The Making of a Master 2016-09-09


261 Obesity The Post Mortem 2016-09-13


262 Brexit: A Very British Coup? 2016-09-22


263 The Man Who Squeezes Muscles: Searching for Purple Aki 2016-09-12


264 British Sitcom: 60 Years of Laughing at Ourselves 2016-09-12


265 Great Welsh Writers: Roald Dahl 2016-09-13


266 Capability Brown's Unfinished Garden 2016-09-16


267 Future Tense: The Story of H.G. Wells 2016-09-16


268 The Search for Life: The Drake Equation 2016-09-05


269 Reggie Yates: Touchdown USA 2016-09-11


270 New Town (Edinburgh) 2016-09-20


271 Alex Jones - Fertility & Me 2016-09-20


272 The Trouble With My Dad 2016-09-20


273 Bricks! 2016-09-20


274 Autumn: Earth's Seasonal Secrets 2016-09-25


275 Lucy Owen: Middle-Aged Me 2016-09-26


276 Kew's Forgotten Queen 2016-09-26


277 Being Black, Going Crazy? 2016-09-26


278 Britain's Star Men: Heroes of Astronomy 2016-09-29


279 Oasis: In Their Own Words 2016-09-30


280 Sir Terry Wogan Remembered: Fifty Years at the BBC 2016-09-30


281 The Hip Hop World News 2016-09-30


282 Rubble Kings 2016-09-30


283 Sir Chris Hoy: 200mph at Le Mans 2016-10-09


284 Stacey Dooley: Hate and Pride in Orlando 2016-06-24


285 Hunting the Nazi Gold Train 2016-10-02


286 Iron Maidens: The Female Fighters 2016-08-12


287 Locked in My Body 2016-08-22


289 Railway Nation - A Journey in Verse 2016-10-01


290 Reggie Yates: Life and Death in Chicago 2016-10-04


291 A World Without Down's Syndrome? 2016-10-05


292 The Incredible Story of Marie Antoinette's Watch 2016-10-06


293 Boy George's 1970s: Save Me From Suburbia 2016-10-08


294 Louis Theroux - Savile 2016-10-02


295 The Great Butterfly Adventure: Africa to Britain with the Painted Lady 2016-10-10


296 America’s Hate Preachers 2016-10-11


297 Richard Parks on Everest 2016-10-10


298 The Story of Skinhead with Don Letts 2016-10-14


299 Empire Builder: Journey Across America 2016-10-15


300 The Secret Life of Sue Townsend (Aged 68 3/4) 2016-10-15


301 The Greatest Tomb On Earth: Secrets of Ancient China 2016-10-16


302 HyperNormalisation 2016-10-16


303 Surviving Aberfan 2016-10-17


304 Aberfan: The Fight for Justice 2016-10-18


305 Who's Spending Britain's Billions? 2016-10-18


306 No Place to Call Home 2016-10-19


307 Pink Floyd: Beginnings 1967-1972 2016-10-21


308 Aberfan: The Green Hollow 2016-10-21


309 Transgender Love 2016-10-24


310 The Brexit Effect 2016-10-19


311 Tulisa: The Price Of Fame - Update 2016-10-23


312 Scotland and the Klan 2016-10-04


313 Nicky and Wynton: The Making of a Concerto 2016-10-28


314 Who Do You Blame Game For The Last Ten Years? 2016-10-28


315 Television's Opening Night: How the Box Was Born 2016-11-02


317 Virago: Changing the World One Page at a Time 2016-10-31


322 Gillespie Investigates... Domestic Terror 2016-11-01


323 Beyond The Battlefield: 100 Years Of Erskine 2016-11-03


325 Peter York's Hipster Handbook 2016-11-03


326 Trump's Unlikely Superfans 2016-11-03


327 The Highwaymen: Friends Till the End 2016-06-03


328 Building Hope: The Maggie's Centres 2016-11-06


329 John Berger: The Art of Looking 2016-11-06


330 Rich Hall's Presidential Grudge Match 2016-11-07


331 Breaking Into Prison 2016-11-07


332 No Body's Perfect with Rankin and Alison Lapper 2016-11-10


334 Roots, Reggae, Rebellion 2016-11-11


335 Balletboyz - Young Men 2016-11-12


336 Chernobyl and Fukushima: The Lesson 2016-04-26


337 Will Britain Ever Have a Black Prime Minister 2016-11-13


338 The Selfless Sikh - Faith on the Frontline 2016-11-13


339 Jeremy Deller: We're here because we're here 2016-11-13


340 The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs (1) 2016-09-15


341 The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs (2) 2016-09-22


342 Prison, My Parents And Me 2016-11-15


343 The Undiscovered Peter Cook 2016-11-16


344 Bob and Roberta's Excellent Protest Adventure 2016-11-17


345 Life and Death the Pentecostal Way 2016-11-20


346 Young, Gifted and Classical: The Making of a Maestro 2016-11-20


347 The National Pet Service 2016-11-21


348 The Hunt for Classroom Extremists 2016-11-21


349 Titanic's Tragic Twin: The Britannic Disaster 2016-11-21


350 A.Dot’s Story of Grime 2016-11-24


351 Black Nurses: The Women Who Saved the NHS 2016-11-24


352 Grindr Killer 2016-11-24


353 The Mayflower Pilgrims: Behind The Myth 2016-11-27


354 Jazzie B's 1980s From Dole to Soul 2016-11-26


355 FKA twigs: Soundtrack 7 2016-11-27


356 Whites vs Blacks: How Football Changed a Nation 2016-11-27


357 Fidel Castro: America's Nemesis 2016-11-28


358 How Quizzing Got Cool: TV's Brains of Britain 2016-11-30


359 Scotland's Treasures 2016-11-30


360 The Sikhs of Smethwick 2016-12-01


361 After the Deluge: A Year on from the Floods 2016-11-28


362 Promises and Lies: The Story of UB40 2016-12-02


363 Usain Bolt: Born to Run 2016-12-03


364 Lawful Killing: Mark Duggan 2016-12-05


366 Robert Rauschenberg - Pop Art Pioneer 2016-12-10


367 Project Children: Defusing the Troubles 2016-12-05


368 Dan Snow on Lloyd George 2016-12-07


369 Classic Cellists at the BBC with Julian Lloyd Webber 2016-12-09


370 No Fixed Abode with Charlotte Church 2016-12-08


371 A Very British Crisis 2016-12-11


373 Do I drink too much? 2016-12-15


374 The Making of Young Men 2016-12-17


375 Danielle de Niese: The Birth of an Opera 2016-12-18


376 The Cost of Cute: The Dark Side of the Puppy Trade 2016-12-19


377 Aly Bain's America 2016-12-20


378 Darcey Bussell: Looking for Margot 2016-12-20


379 Inside Chernobyl's Mega Tomb 2016-12-21


380 Am I Included? 2016-12-21


381 Katherine Jenkins: Home for Christmas 2016-12-22


382 The Cook Who Changed Our Lives 2016-12-22


384 Wild Tales from the Village 2016-12-23


385 Strictly Len Goodman 2016-12-23


386 Darcey Bussell: My Life on the BBC 2016-12-23


387 David Walliams Celebrates Dame Shirley Bassey 2016-12-24


389 Midnight Mass from St Chad's Catholic Cathedral 2016-12-24


391 Alan Bennett's Diaries 2016-12-24


392 Dancing the Nutcracker: Inside the Royal Ballet 2016-12-25


393 West Side Stories - The Making of a Classic 2016-12-26


394 Judi Dench: All The World's Her Stage 2016-12-30


395 The Ballet Master: Sir Peter Wright at 90 2016-12-27


396 Life in the Snow 2016-12-29


397 The Entire Universe 2016-12-26


398 Flying Scotsman from the Footplate 2



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Y'know, Octave got me thinking about why I prefer ABC and SBS.


In my past I worked in a media hub where news feeds passed through, on their way to the TV stations. We got to see the whole of each "news" item before the stations "edited" it down to fit their time slot and (sadly) their bias. Apart from news getting delayed by sometimes days, I was constantly amazed to see the final news items when finally aired. Apart from critical information getting lost, often the loss of context created a whole new meaning to the news item. And this was achieved without anybody actually telling any lies.


Most of our commercial news is purchased from U.S. Media. It has already been edited to match its US audience before arriving here. Sometimes An Aussie does a voiceover to give the impression that the news Was gathered by a Aussie.


At least ABC Aust and SBS have more overseas reporters and journos, so their news is less filtered before being fed to us. And there is a reason for them to have a very good worldwide reputation, in our biased and imperfect world.



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Exactly! have you noticed left of centre people love the ABC?

- I probably know half a dozen "left of centre" people who love the ABC


- I know some conservative people who also love the ABC but don't watch its current affairs shows.


- I know one extremely right wing person who gets all their news from Breitbart and thinks almost everything is a left wing conspiracy.


- I know some left of centre people who don't watch the ABC much at all.


- the population of Australia is about 24 million.


What can I confidently conclude about the ABC from all these facts?


That some people watch it and some people don't.



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