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What wildlife do you have in your yard?


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One snake is ok, it's when there are more than 2 I start to get worried

On the contrary I don't like a single snake, I'm much more comfortable once they become two:whistling: (Disclaimer, I'm not condoning the killing of snakes and this post should only be taken in a humorous nature:wink: The wink emoticon is in no way meant to detract from the seriousness of this disclaimer:wink:)


Although i am not too worried about pythons, trouble is we don't get them here only the eastern brown:thumb down:



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Love 'em, my kids grew up with lizards, frogs and snakes as pets. Our bearded dragon lived freely roaming our loungeroom every night for 10 years or so, would sit on your lap dead still enjoying the heat until he spotted one of the kids with his mealy worms and would go crazy. One time one of our snakes got out of his enclosure, turned up 3 months later coming out of the hall closet, he was hungry.



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We breed brown snakes. Not intentionally either.....


Have had up to 5 foot inside house.


4-5ft king brown in hangar yesterday :). I don't mind them as they are extremely non aggressive. They bail very quick...


But the bird eating spiders!!!! That's another storey.


Then there's the scorpions!, lol


Here's just a few bird eaters and scorpions caught inside[ATTACH]47786._xfImport[/ATTACH]






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Got attacked by a young-ish eastern brown when opening my garage PA door after 3 weeks holiday a couple of years ago. He had 3 attempts at me and missed each time as I performed ever larger leaps backwards and up a small set of garden steps (it was a difficult area to manoeuvre in). I surprised myself considerably at my gymnastic abilities while under duress. He then figured he'd opened up the escape route I had inadvertently blocked and slithered away into the bushland up the hill.


We have plenty of red-bellied blacks in the area too, though with horses in the surrounding paddocks and resident outdoor dogs, the snakes tend to stay mostly away from the vicinity of the house.



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