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The Devil came down to Hobart...


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...driving a 2021 white Mitsubishi ASX.


I know this because he was driving in front of me today and had personalised number plates.



Seemed like a fairly tame vehicle for the Lord of Darkness, but perhaps he's married with a couple of little demons.



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1 hour ago, nomadpete said:

He was probably visiting MONA. There used to be two prime parking spaces at MONA - labelled 'GOD' and 'GOD'S MISTRESS'.


I took a pic of Mrs Nomad next to the second one.

Ah, but did she take a pic of you next to the first??

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4 hours ago, facthunter said:

It is Van Demon's land and full of little Devils. Nev

If you pay attention to our state governments,  you might be forgiven for thinking not all Devils in VanDiemens are little, black, cute or furry.

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