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You think Australia had it bad under Scotty and his predecessors


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When one is workin g on a reno, one is under a legal obligation to report to the national trust any discovery of what may be of achealogical importance and all work must stop immediately. The National Trust will then assess the item and site and if they deem the item of potential archielogical importance, and the site likely to yield more objects, they can order suspension of works pending an archeological dig. The land owner must meet the cost of the dig regardless of what it finds, and obviously restore the land to building condition.


If the dig reveals anything, the land owner is able to receive compensation in accordance with a discoutned the market value of what they mind. Sometimes it can be profitable, but from what I have read, it usally leaves the ownerts out of pocket by large sums of money and a delayed project to boot.


Consequently, I am sure that owner renos and extensions instruct the builders to not find anything.

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