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Learnt a new slang term today - cooker


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Apparently it's the latest slang term for anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theory adherents, "sovereign citizens", and the hundred other forms of idiots who prefer to get their "truth" from other braying imbeciles on Facebook and other social media - rather than think independently for themselves, and apply some logic to their thought patterns. I guess it also covers rusted-on followers of Donald Trump and Trumps Truth Social.


The term is being applied to these idiots, because the slang users reckon these peoples brains have been "cooked" by overexposure to conspiracy theories, and other unhinged online rhetoric.


Here's one of the "cookers" that somebody filmed a few days ago in Perth - one of these "sovereign citizen" imbeciles, who made up his own coat of arms for his version of the Commonwealth of Australia - as well as his own version of vehicle number plates.

Needless to say, his vehicle was tracked down and impounded. Ahhh, the price you have to pay, to bring your "sovereign citizen rights" into the public arena!!




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No, I think that you are referring to 'special needs', and yes that term is already claimed.


However 'special' by itself refers to those special folk who are rather further out on another branch of the 'spectrum' tree.


And are mostly only special in their own minds.

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