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There's nothing surer than the fact we will see a Chinese invasion of Taiwan within 5 years - provided Xi Jinping is still alive, and at the helm of the CCP.

There may be quite a number of CCP party members however, who realise the futility of Xi Jinpings plan, and stop him from carrying it out. Or he may even drop dead, making the rules for the ball game change overnight.


Is there a successor in the pipeline, if this happens? I don't think so, Xi  Jinping has ensured he has no competition, so his death may cause a major power vacuum, and a lot of navel-gazing in China.

A lot depends on any major Chinese economic downturn, too - and how bad that downturn gets, if it does come to pass. I see a major, disruptive, economic downturn in China within 5 years.

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