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Barnaby booted.


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David Littleproud has been elected leader of the Nationals, while Peter Dutton has been elected leader of the Liberal Party.


The head of Australia’s largest philanthropic trust Professor Glyn Davis has been named as the new head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. 

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Depends how you measure success.  I think using Barnaby to be successful is like using a handbrake to increase speed.


It's going to be hell to listen to Voldemort's unabashed twisting of logic and fact over the next 3 years, but there's one saving grace.

Either he'll totally remake himself, align the policies of his party to what the electorate expects and take real progressive action on climate and gender equity (I can't believe I got all that out with a straight face), or he'll continue to be the jackbooted prick he always has been and lead his party to a crashing defeat in 2025.

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