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My Dad was Southern English and my mother was "pure" Northern Scottish. The Scots were/are probably more parochial than anyone. Mum used to tell us about the time her father found out she was in love with a Southern English man.

"Ach! A Sassenach!", he was reported to have said in disgust. "Whit's wrong wi' a good Scottish laddie?".

And Mum was extremely proud of her pure Scottish highland ancestry (from the clans McLean and McKenzie, no less) - until the discussion came up one day, with her older sister who was visiting. And Auntie shot her down in flames.

"What rubbish!", she exclaimed. "Do ye no remember when the Spanish Armada was wrecked on the coast of Scotland? Well, many Scottish lasses were taken in by these fine, olive-skinned European men that were rescued, and preferred them to the local men!"

"No-o-o!!", exclaimed Mum in horror. "Oh, Yes-ss!", said Auntie. One of my Aunties apparently had brown eyes, while all the rest of the family have green eyes. My Dad had dark blue eyes, my Mums eyes were green, and my eyes are green.

But I have little doubt I have a certain amount of European ancestry (at least French and possibly Spanish, as well as Anglo-Saxon, probably some Pictish and Scottish, and quite likely a degree of Irish as well).

My partner claims she's 100% Aussie, at least 10 generations, from Irish stock, which she's not fond of mentioning.

But funnily enough, her family name is Coen, and Coen is a Dutch name (pronounced Coh-en here and Coon in Holland) - and as soon as she says her maiden name, everyone thinks she's Jewish! (Cohen). 

But her whole family are big-boned, solid build and tall, and her facial bone structure is the rounded, wide, Dutch facial structure. I have little doubt her distant main ancestry is Northern Dutch, with Viking/Scandinavian overtones.

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25 minutes ago, Jerry_Atrick said:

…Goes to show, we are all mongrel-gutses 😉


I know several “black scots” whose dark complexion is said to come from Spanish Armada survivors. They in turn probably had North African ancestors. My own ancestors came from across the British Isles, France and (according to one 370 year old record) Jamaica. My kid and grandkids are heaps smarter than me, probably because they have some First Australian blood.


The genetic power conferred by Hybrid Vigour.

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1 hour ago, nomadpete said:


How can that be, Marty?

The bible doesn't mention Africa. No mention of the Rift Valley. Not much mention of Adam being a black african either.



What a conundrum!  I'll have to put some serious thought into whether I take the word of some stoned camel herders, or the fossil record.  


Ok, thought about it.

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17 minutes ago, Jerry_Atrick said:

But, wasn't it the great prophet, Teddy Vann, who stated, "I don't care what the white man says, Santa Claus is a black man!"


He can't have been.  If he was a black man coming down people's chimneys to deliver presents, some NRA nut would've shot him by now.



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