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Great carpentry


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Well it could be argued that the ark was an example of "Great Carpentry".


Anybody who can fell, mill, dress, and assemble all that lumber in less than one lifetime, just gotta be a great carpenter.



(And that's where the fight starts)

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Typical religious propaganda, I'm a builder by trade and have seen staircases similar in places we renovated. When you first look at them they appear to be suspended, but If you look closely at the stairs you may see they are pinned to the wall halfway up and the top is connected to the upper floor. It's a beautifully built staircase, but the video is contradictory, it says only one bloke built it, yet later it says the men took 8 months to build it and the railing were added 2 years later. So who built the railings if the bloke disappeared.


Sorry would never trust anything the religious claim, they always use lies and deception trying to prove their non existent claims.

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