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Airfish 8 - Ground Effect Machine


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The Russians explored this concept years ago and it was called Ekranoplane.

A friend of mine worked on a similar concept in Cairns about ten years ago. He tells me he has all the info about the planes he worked on, but it was not a viable idea.

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The Airfish 8 just doesn't stack up. It's powered by 2 humungous Chev LS3 V8's producing 500HP each. They guzzle fuel at 70 l/hr. The fuel capacity is stated as 200kg, which is 270 litres.


That seems barely adequate, it's about 3hrs and 50 mins to total fuel exhaustion - more like 3 hrs useable fuel. I don't know how long it takes to get to cruise speed, but I'd imagine a lot of fuel would get burnt up, just in getting up to speed.


All for just 8 passengers? They might as well go by air in a big twin, with less engine HP overall - and travel much faster. 


A Cessna 402 Businessliner has 2 x TSIO-520's producing 325HP each, it carries 780 litres of useable fuel, takes up to 10 pax, and has a range of 1270 NM.




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Some years ago there was a ground effect machine operating on Port Phillip Bay, during a motor racing event. I didn't see it myself, but recall reading that it was a six seater, and powered by a pair of four cylinder motorcycle engines. 

Maybe my memory is failing, but that power was frugal compared to what is posted above.


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