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The logic of Millenials

old man emu

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A builder has a little business going erecting timber framed gazebos. He earned a good reputation and jobs started to come rolling in, samping him. He decided to put on some workers, and took up a Government offer under NewStart  to get money to employ a young person. He  eventually narrowed the selection to two  Millenials and decided to give them a trial.


For the first part of their first week he had them doing the gopher work as he built a gazebo in site. All the while he was explaining to the young fellow what he was doing. Come Friday morning he told the young fellows that he was going into the bank to get their pay. He said that he thought they had picked up on what he was doing pretty well, so they could carry on while he was away.


About a half hour late one of the young fellows saw the other bent over a box of nails, picking them out one at a time, looking at it and throwing it away.

"What are you doing?"

"I want to nail down the decking, but the heads on all these nails are on the wrong end."

" Go find another box of nails. We'll use those ones to nail up the roof battens."

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Why should millenials be fair game and The Irish not? What about all the Pommy jokes?

I reckon there is nothing wrong with jokes about anyone and having been on the receiving end of some of them I know that to complain and get upset is counter productive. just go with the flow and it will soon be over,

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I suppose this is as good a place as any for this comment, so here goes.


Gone are the days of the skillful cabinet maker who could turn a pile of wood into furniture that was of great beauty and durability. Nowadays, it's down to IKEA or BUnnings for a flat pack. Flat pack furniture is furniture such as shelves and cupboards which you buy as a number of separate pieces and assemble yourself. It is supposed to be easy to assemble, often simply by using the Allen key supplied.


Then how come there seems to be a demand for "Professional Flat Pack" assemblers? 

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This is why you need Professional Flat Pack Assemblers ....




1. The instructions are in Chinglish.

2. People don't read the instructions. Men throw them away. Some women read them, but still can't understand them.

3. Once you've done one unit - the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th get easier and easier to assemble. It's called experience.

4. Husbands and wives working together with hand tools, is a recipe for divorce.

5. A friend told me once, "It is utterly impossible to organise volunteers. Everyone wants to be a Chief". How true this is.

6. If you get lucky, the Chinese actually included all the necessary parts.

7. Trying to figure out exactly which bolt goes where, when there is a subtle, but critical difference in length, is the stuff of nightmares - particularly when the instructions don't itemise the precise length, and just show a generic small picture.

8. Anyone who successfully assembles a flat pack first go, with no parts left over, and which product stays up when it's stood up, should be entitled to a Gold Medal. 

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I am not a skilled cabinet maker. My wife says I turn good firewood into sawdust and have never assembled any sort of flat pack into anything, unless you call a Vans RV4 a flat pack.

I was amazed at the vans kit, it included everything that it said was there except for one omission. Somehow rivets listed as being there wer not enough. It turned out they must have had a new chum who put 22 rivets into the pack and it should have been 22 ounces of rivets.

Kitchen cabinets here are all built in, to suit my wifes requirements and i doubt that a flat pack would comply. It was my first attempt at kitchen fit out and has lasted nearly 40 years, including a couple of updates. We couldn't get a tradesman to do the job nowadays, they are far too busy.

My upgrade of the shower, bath will be non tradesman or flat pack. Do it yourself is my motto and preferably with non Chinese materials.

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