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Ha ha, thanks for that bit of entertainment amongst the constant COVID-19 and U.S. Elections gloom and wrangling, Jerry. Yes, there is always an undercurrent of secession thinking in W.A. - largely due to the fact we are amongst the most isolated regions in the world, and also because we have developed a mentality of personal initiative and self-reliance in W.A.

It bugs us to get news items that are constantly Eastern-States-centred (particularly centred on Canberra), and it also bugs us that many East Coasters think there's nothing but sand and flies, West of the W.A./S.A. border.


However, the bottom line is that the drive to secede will never succeed in reality, simply because the senior judges in the U.K. canned it in 1933 with fairly lucid reasoning - not to mention the problems of raising our own defence forces, border controls, and the host of other requirements of a separate nation. And of course, the fact that there is a continuous land mass between W.A. and the rest of Australia, is simply the major physical reason why a secession movement for W.A. will always stall.


I find it interesting that many of the military heroes and exceptional leaders of WW2 were from W.A. - and rural W.A. in particular. It seems that these areas bred people with exceptional initiative and resourcefulness, and an ability to "cut through the crap", take stock of bad situations, and get things done.

No doubt, living in remote areas and relying on ones skills to survive, to develop farmland and mining ventures, in some of the harshest and most unforgivable country in the nation, must have developed some special characteristics and personality traits.


"Twiggy" Forrest, who comes from the lineage of a family of "big thinkers" in W.A.'s history, is always full of expansive ideas - with his latest idea to start producing solar power and chemicals from that, on a huge scale in W.A., a certainty to provide secure energy and raw chemicals for the nation in the future - something we could never see national politicians planning for, in their lack of vision.


As to the "Hancock Dynasty", the less said about them, the better. Unfortunately, they represent the ugly side of corporate greed and self-promotion, and presenting themselves as saviours of W.A., when in fact they are ripping off every Australian with their massive and endless iron ore income from an essentially illegal royalty agreement. I could present myself endlessly as a corporate God, too, if I was on the receiving end of the constant millions that family trust receives annually, without them lifting a finger.


The bottom line is the Hancock family have never owned up to, or accepted any financial responsibility for the disastrous results of their asbestos mining, the health penalties for which product, many people still have to endure today.

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The Chinese investment in W.A. is certainly pretty substantial, they have poured a lot of money into farmland and residential land and also into Lithium projects. Not to mention their Sino Iron magnetite project, which was supposed to have cost AU$2B, but which is reported to have run into more like $20B. 


Surprisingly, the Chinese investment in W.A. as a percentage of the overseas monies invested, is not as large as the American money, or even British money invested here.

But the Americans and British investments don't raise the same level of aggravation as a Chinese investment. 


There are many very wealthy Asians who just like W.A. and pour money in like water - because it's just pocket money to them.


A truckie mate showed me some photos of a rural property in the S.W. of W.A. that he visited recently, to deliver some goods. He was blown away by the development on the property.


Bangadang Farm, a 279 Ha property just out of Donnybrook, W.A., was purchased by the Ying family of Hong Kong - for $3M. They have spent a reported AU$37M on the property - AU$30M just in the house alone. Oh, they also planted some Avocado trees. 






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My daughter wantsme to buy this and move there: https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-wa-albany-113846527. Although she is cetaphobic.. not a creat dispostion for Albany, I guess. Do you think I could set a go fund me page that would let me do it.. Mybe to every donor over 100,000, a free night and dip in the pool.. that should do it.


A friend of mine (who I have to contact) is a trader in hong kong. Hi is German. His desire is to move to |WA (specifically Perth) and if he could earn a good salary, and get a legal right to do it, he would be there in a heart-beat. Sadly, although I have been very lucky and seen many sights ofthe world and been to many countries, I have yet to step foot in WA.. A travest intend to rectify.



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Jerry - The magnificent property and house in question at Albany, was built by the late Paul Terry. A man of great financial genius - but perhaps his stellar life and sudden death, is a warning to the rest of us.


As with many of his kind, his star lit up explosively, and burned brightly, then was snuffed out in an instant, before he even got to enjoy the rewards of his vast wealth.


His desire to learn to fly helicopters was his undoing, as he crashed on a solo instructional flight, and was killed instantly. As the old saying goes, "the richest man in the cemetery".



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3 hours ago, Jerry_Atrick said:

I have yet to step foot in WA.. A travest intend to rectify.

You have to do it Jerry; it's a different world.


Takes a bit of getting used to though. Particularly on the coast where you are used to describing inland country as 'out west' when there is only ocean to the west. I must admit, watching the sun set over the ocean at the end of the day is a lot more fun than getting up early to see it rise over the ocean here. In the west, you can watch a sunset over the water with a cold beer in hand, the day's work is done, night is coming and it will cool off. Over here, sun coming up over the ocean means you've got up early, you have to work all day and it's going to get bloody hot.

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