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It does, but it's Santa Cruz Province in Argentina, on about the same latitude as the Falklands. Amazing how so much country around the world looks like Australia.


Comparing these two, top photo is Argentina, bottom photo is the Eyre Highway just out of Port Augusta.








And this photo in Siberia could easily be mistaken for the Darling Downs in Queensland.



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Another place was Burma, back in the mid 80's. We were driving through the dry plains in the centre where there were eucalyptus plantations. Between the dry country and the gum trees, you could swear you were in Australia. Amazing how the smell of a gum tree can make you homesick when you've been away for a fair while.

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Something went wrong here. I only intended one photo and then couldn't put in text, my stuffing around added 2 m ore. That was on the Stuart Highway I think. On the same trip I was walking in the Olgas and the Roulettes came and did a display overhead. Must have been practice for the display they did later that day over The Alice.

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Another Google Maps screen grab. It could be mistaken for the drive into Cunnamulla, but it's the Eurasian Steppe just east of Volgograd (Stalingrad). The reason I was looking at it is that I'm reading Antony Beevor's book 'Stalingrad' and he was describing the view of the Steppe the Germans got when they reached the higher west bank of the Volga. If you photoshopped some kangaroos into the photo you wouldn't know the difference from some of our inland country.




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There are only two types of Qld road. Rough and roadworks.

The roadworks go on for months at a time, often with nothing happening except the speed restrictions. I think even the police are fed up with them as they don't seem to book people for speeding when nothing is happening. Fancy 40kph for a backhoe working about 1m off the side of the road. A piece of machinery beside the road for aver a month and not used, someone has money to burn. At least it keeps the unemployment down, there are more working the stop go signs than there are building the roads.

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