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A penny for your thoughts


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Or Pence for president?

Looking at how trump has stacked up in the 3 plus years he has been president, I reckon that as a Republican we have got to get rid of him. If we don't we have two possibilities.

A The democrats win with Jo Boden and that would be terrible.

B Trump wins another term and that would be worse.

What can we do?

Keep our heads in the sand and hope for the best. That isn't going to happen.

Support Trump for a second term and show the world what we stand for.

Put up another candidate, but that would piss off Mike Pence and also make us look fools for not having him as President last time round.

Being good god fearing and also believing maybe the best is to hope for God to inflict Covid19 on trump and get rid of him. We will have to pray hard for that to happen, maybe God could do with a little help I am sure it could be arranged.

oh what a dilemma, we are born to rule and our man is not looking out for us. we are mad to look fools and you know that can't be the case, it must be down to all the fake news.

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Why would Joe Biden be terrible? As a choice he's at least a million times better than Trump and a thousand times better than the god-bothering vice(-less?) pres.


I think Creepy Joe would have to be better than Trump. Joe would have a team of minders to tell him what day it was and to make sure he keeps his fly zipped. But jokes aside, I suspect he's not as senile as his detractors make out. A lot of bad press he gets is from the usual suspects and is often edited and taken out of context to purposely make him look bad. Take Doubleya for instance. A much younger president and every time he opened his mouth, out came incoherent gibberish. People just put it down to Bush being a dill, but if Biden muddles a few words, they all scream dementia and lack of cognitive ability. Biden would make more sense talking in his sleep than Trump ever would in his entire career.


My only concern with Biden is if he has what it takes to stand up to the war mongers. That's one of the few things Trump has genuinely attempted to do. But at least Biden will have some good backup. Kamala Harris is the one rumoured for VP. But whoever Biden picks as a running mate, there will be no comparison with Trump's idiot side kick.

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On Colbert last night (it was a repeat from before Bernie pulled out), they said either Joe or Bernie would be the oldest to run for the Presidency, Either one would need a younger and more experienced running mate. They suggested Jimmy Carter. (It is a satirical show).


Trump's stuffing up the English (American?) language is legendary. US talk shows run audience competitions - How would Trump say this?


The one I remember most clearly was when he said the coronavirus had its oranges in China. Meaning origins, of course. Made Dubya look positively intelligent.

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The yanks need to get someone from a younger generation into the hot seat. Look at the change in Canada & NZ with young level headed PMs that have real leadership qualities combined with empathy and kindness not seen in most other countries of the world.


Biden is at least literate and informed. Trump is poorly educated and a malignant narcissist. Pence is a total sycophant & a fool for his continued brown nosing.


No question, out of the 3 Biden wins by a country mile.


But then it's the American system that is totally fu@#!d up. A lot didn't like Hillary but she still got 3 million more votes than Trump & still lost.

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I hear Trumps valet and a couple of other White House people have tested positive for the virus, Unfortunately the republicans are too incompetent to get the virus to the correct bloke.

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