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What's in a Name?


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Nomadpete raised an important issue in another thread. We Peters are tired of our name being used in a derogatory fashion. For example, petered out. Or for pete's sake!


So here is a true history of the name. In ancient Latin, Peter had a meaning but came to be associated with rock.


  • When BIG J found out Peter's name he said "upon this rock I will build my church."
  • When gunpowder was discovered they used potassium chloride, or saltpeter.
  • When a vein of gold got narrower and was replaced with ordinary rock, they said it had petered out.
  • The study of the origin of rocks is petrology.
  • Liquid hydrocarbon found in rocks is petroleum.
  • Ancient humans chipped patterns on rock, they are called petroglyphs
  • A petard is a small bomb made with saltpeter. If it goes off in your hand and throws you into the air you are "hoist with your own petard". 
  • The name ultimately comes from the Latin pedere (to break wind).




So lets have a little more respect.



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