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Old advertising jingles


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Palmolive soap used to come in green and pink varieties. They introduced Gold, which was supposed to reduce BO, with the jingle 


don’t wait to be told, you need Palmolive Gold.


we children added


dont wait til you stink, you need Palmolive Pink


But if you just want to get clean, use Palmolive Green.


i can think of some other jingles that we parodied, can you?



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The Pepsodent ad!


"You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!"


Of course, that turned into a dozen dirty schoolyard jingles, that typically corrupted the ad to, "You'll wonder where your balls went, when you brush your dick with Pepsodent!"


The Doo-Wop song, "The Book of Love", by the Monotones, was apparently inspired by the Pepsodent ad!





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My kids were singing the old DC comics version of Jingle Bells the other day...


Jingle bells, Batman smells,


Robin flew away


Wonder Woman lost her bosom


Flying TAA... hey!


Only, my 9 year old sings "Flying ATA" - he has no idea what TAA was.



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