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Too good to be true.


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Channel 10's Shawrk Tank judge/investor Steve Baxter was scammed in a fake ad for Bitcoin Trader.


The advertisement claims judges Glen Richards and Baxter engaged in a “bidding war” over online Bitcoin trading and purchasing business Bitcoin Trader, with a fake deal for $2.5 million for 20% of the company outlined. Boost Juice founder Janine Allis was also roped into the scam, with the fake article claiming the shark bought $250 worth of Bitcoin during the pitch, before seeing it increase in value $73 just three minutes later.


The fake article also included a number of illegitimate quotes attributed to the sharks and various supposed Bitcoin Trader users.


This isn’t the first time Baxter has been impersonated in a scam online; earlier this year, he shared a LinkedIn post when a number of similar fake articles popped up online claiming Baxter was promoting a scheme for “getting rich quick from binary options”. Baxter expressed his outrage at being targeted in such a way, labelling those who execute such scams as “one evolutionary stage below pond scum”.


“It’s not just me; almost anybody with a high public profile gets caught in these scams and closing them down is like playing whack-a-mole — the buggers always pop up elsewhere (I have found out it sort of goes with the territory),” Baxter said presciently



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The very name is confusing. Bitcoins are a sort of currency and what is being sold here is a stock-trading computer system which has social media as an input. I don't see any connection.


On the bitcoins, there is probably money in it for those who can mint them. Alas that's not me... maybe our administrator can do it? Even if he can't mint bitcoins, I'm sure Ian could start his own though, we could call them flycoins. ( there are 1300 other coins trying for business out there )


On the stock trading system, I reckon it lends itself to computer attacks, where thousands of slave computers flood social media with messages. I bet that the russians and the nigerians are right now working at ideas to rip money off the mugs who trust in this scheme.



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