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Uzbekistan's secret underground Metro revealed

Phil Perry

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These are the sort of pix we need to show those ignorant extremists who tell us that capitalism is the only way and that socialism never achieved anything.

The Soviet Union did have a few achievements like very elaborate subways and some social reforms like introducing the world's first eight hour day, forty hour week working conditions. The status quo in the West is that they were technologically backward and had to copy everything. Makes you wonder why the U.S.A. spent billions upon billions in the cold war to try and stay in front of them.


Here's a few examples of their under achievement in aerospace:


First man made satellite


First vehicle to enter earth orbit


First biological being in space


First man in space


First woman in space


First multi person crew in space


First solo space walk


First multi crew space walk


First space station


First multi vehicle docking facilities


First hard moon landing


First soft moon landing


First traverse of the dark side of the moon


First moon samples returned to Earth


First landing on Venus


First rocket launch complex


First liquid fuel rocket


First air augmented rocket


First rocket in space


First space exploration rover


First pressure suit


First anti ballistic missile


First air to air guided missiles


First helmet mounted weapons sight


First ICBM


First submarine launched ballistic missile


First multi engine aircraft


First mono wing, all metal four engine bomber


First fighter plane with retractable gear


First rocket powered fighter plane


First female fighter ace


First flying wing aircraft


First pilot to perform a loop


First knapsack parachute


First drogue parachute


First flying boat


First turbo fan engine design


First turbo prop patent


First airliner


First supersonic airliner


First successful jet airliner


First successful helicopter design


First successful tandem rotor helicopter


First Mach 1 capable wind tunnel


First pioneering of stealth technology


Founding of aerodynamic theory


I realise it's a very incomplete list, but it's just not good enough. Dumb Socialists.



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so you want our wages or theirs spacer.png neil

It's all relative (to an extent). I worked in the Czech Republic in the late 90s on some of their nuclear sites. The average salary was equivalent to £200/mo whereas mine (after tax) was more than 10 times that. Yes - for them to come to the UK or any other western country was an expensive proposition - but most had cars (inc. Japanese and European), ate well, had accommodation and otherwise lived a largely similar material life as us.. Of course, I loved working there as at the time, a pint in London was £2.80-ish and there, a pint on average in a Czech bar in Prague was about 50p, but could be had for as little as 11p - and their beer is bloomin good... Puts VBs to shame... There were a few ex-pats there that lived a high life on what would be average Euro salaries - yes...



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