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2017 My wonderful year part 1


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OK this is massively self-indulgent but ....... what the hell


I can't help but notice that many posters on this forum seem to be unhappy and anxious. Now perhaps I am a foolish optimist but after many years of mild depression, I realized a few years ago that focusing on the negatives of life and politics is the path of the loser and I decided to celebrate the wonderful and privileged life I lead. This has enhanced the quality of my life. So this was my year. I would absolutely love to read about others who have had a good year, so please post..


The young daughter of a friend of mine posted this drawing of me. Pretty accurate I would say.




Flying with a dear friend from my RAAF days




My wife chatting with our wonderful son who now lives in NZ




Doing my yearly x country flight with my bro in law. I convinced him a few years ago to take up aviation.




Had a great time at science comedy night, sorry alt right anti-science losers!




Trip to visit son in NZ, as a wine nerd I am wary of "medals" had to buy this because of the "medal" it delivered exactly what it promised (not much)




My son and I at the beautiful beach near his house




















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Part 2


My wife, sister, and parents waiting for the Williamstown ferry. sadly Dad approaching the end of his life.




My Dad will strike up a conversation with anyone




The hut on my property, we sold this bit of paradise this year. We lived in this hut whilst we built (with our own hands) our house. Washed sons nappies by hand in water that was at


freezing point








Damn, just missed platypus


My wife preparing our property for sale and watched by my wonderful friend Elizabeth, high flying lawyer but happy to scrub ou bathroom and oven in to help sell our property




My dear friend Tony, after too much wine we will argue about his conspiracy theories but hey this man retiled my laundry




Lots of lovely flying




















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Awesome, mate. We need more of this. You've risen even higher in my estimation, now that I've seen which instrument you play!


Ian's forum(s) have been a life saver for me; a window into a world of flyers and dreamers.


I've battled the bloody black dog for years after too often being let down by people I trusted.


The good news is that they've been more that offset by the many good, decent people I've encountered since.


I'm fortunate to have a great life partner (who for some reason sticks with me) and a wonderful kid who brought her beautiful little family home for Christmas; the best one we've had!


We live in a safe, prosperous country. The air and water are clean and you can trust the stuff you buy in the shops. We can bitch and complain about our leaders without fear and the worst we can expect from our coppers is to be pinged for being a dick.


I had a good year.



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Villa Maria is a bit of a staple in our white wine diet (though I try and buy Aussie as much as possible, NZ whites are very good and while VM Sauvignon Blanc retails @ £9 a bottle, one can usually get it for £7. So, while the label doesn't promise much, it delivering export $ for NZ.


Great photos and a great outlook. This year has been pretty tough in the Atrick household with the family in Somerset and me working in London all the time. Though that came to an end in mid December (ironically on my mother's birthday) so it is a hopefully bright outlook for 2018 as I embark on both contracting (hopefully), establishing a new business and spending more time with the family - there is no mutual exclusivity in these as the hours and distance[edit] when working in London [/edit] took much more of a toll.


The role I applied for in Melb is a long term contract role and the business I am establishing can work whether based there or here.


Have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year


(ps, @octave, condolences on the passing of your father)


[edit again] Forgot to mention - great forum site with great people - really enjoy the banter, tidbits of wisdom, views, advice and funnies... and of course, the down to earthness of all [/edit]



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