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Husqvarna 236...HELP!


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G'day All, I inherited a chainsaw, all working well until the other day. Started but gave up after about 5mins. Not overheated or lack of oil mix. I tested it for spark but none. Stripped the covers off, all wiring appeared sound. Ok, must be the module. Acquired a Chinese knock-off...$20. Installed it but still no spark. They included all wiring and even a spark plug. Installed with 0.3mm gap to the flywheel, checked resistance to primary at about 1.5 ohms-correct to specs. Resistance to spark side 22.5ohms, also correct. The ignition On/Off breaker is also operating correctly. Such a simple system so why doesn't it work?

Any gurus out there? Nev perhaps... I dunno. Don

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I've never used a flywheel to coil spark gap as low as 0.03mm, always around 0.5mm. Are the flywheel and magnets spotlessly clean, and not rusty? Surface rust will bugger up the spark generation. I spray all flywheels and magnets with some anti-corrosion spray to keep them from going rusty.

Is the kill switch working properly, and not shorted out somewhere?


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A premature expectation PMC? 

    Chainsaw-wise . Check the spark in the dark. It's hard to see some of the Capacitor discharge  fine sparks. Check the plug hasn't picked up a bit of flaked carbon when screwing it in. IF you used anti seize (which you should ), did some get on the plug insulator internally?   Nev

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