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The man who still restores cars at age 100 - Cliff Byfield


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This bloke is a legend here in W.A. - not only a fabled car designer and builder and restorer - but a man who won't let age slow him down, and who is still working on cars at age 100. 


I don't know how the man does it, my ageing body is starting to play up already, doing repair work - and Cliff has another 26 years on me!



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Nev - Did you do the 2012 veteran Brush car rally on an Indian, from Perth to Sydney with Bob Lamond? He's put up the story online.


Francis Birtles was a real con-artist, I always believed he was the first to drive West to East in the 1912 Brush, but as Bob points out, he could neither drive, nor repair cars! Sid Ferguson was the real hero there.

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Didja hear about the guy who was trying to fix his Indian motorbike up near Marla when a panting guy runs out of the scrub. "hey mate, says the mororbike guy, you ever ride an Indian?"

" no way, says the panting guy, but I did try a lubra and now the whole tribe is after me..."

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