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Only in Australia. . .

Phil Perry

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We see lots of amusing / interesting pics on the internet,. . . usually labelled " only in AMERICA, . .or Only in Africa,. . . .just got some from Big Ive in Sydney. . . .





























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Actually Phil that pic is from 'Croc Sounds Station' in the territory. They have trained their crocs to play a didgeridoo sort of instrument (hence the pipe and the name of the station) apparently they are half way through teaching them our national anthem. They are trying to keep it a bit quiet until they perfect it but I'm sure there would be a video on YouTube out there somewhere.


They do tours but they cost an arm and a leg (literally) but from what I hear it is well worth it. Rumour has it one fella went twice and says he will give his left nut for his next visit.



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Yeah Phil , that's no BS , I've been to 'Croc Sounds Station' too and seen e'm . They had done the national anthem when I was there, and they were teaching them " It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll ", an old Frank Sinatra song from the 90's ..... Bob



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As we seem to have started a "Funny Media about Australia" thread....spacer.png

For our International guests, it has just rained and the 'Roos are getting water off the road and the edges of the road..


You see the Crow (Raven), he is a lookout for the 'Roos for coming vehicles, problem is the Crow can only scream "CAR!", and this is tragically why so many 'Roos get hit by trucks.



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