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Who forgot it is 1st April.


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There are some good one's going around.


First there was Vegemite Tim Tams, then Menu Log and their edible dinner bags - eat the meal, then the bag it comes in.


Now F1 is going to race on a Saturday night (not Sunday), on the main strip in Vegas, and Daniel Ricciardo says he thought of retiring.

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I agree with O.M.E.

A lot of people seem to have lost their sense of humour.

My grandfathers' advice was "live and be happy, it spites the bastards".

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the odd larakin still doing what Aussies do best.


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I think the quality of the April Fool jokes was pretty poor this year, as compared to many previous years, where real effort was put into making them up, and making them appear completely genuine.

One that did suck me in for 10 or 20 seconds was the "Landcruiser Levy" joke, where it was reported that the high levels of profits on the sales of highly popular used vehicles, would now be taxed, via a capital gains tax rate.


I think this one was successful, because it's possibly quite close to what may have been, or is being considered, by the Govt - after the election, of course!

But when I got to the part about a spokesman named "Timothy Gouger", of the "Fringe Offset Opportunity Liasion department of the Federal Treasury", I knew I'd been sucked in.




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