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This bloke has a 1/6th scale Catalina for sale


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This is an odd one. A bloke on Gumtree, in NSW, is advertising a couple of hang gliders for sale - and sort of as an aside, he mentions he also has a "1/6th scale Catalina" for sale. I presume he's referring to a PBY.


Now, the funny part is, he merely sort of mentions this in passing, and doesn't even include a photo of it. So it's hard to say if it's a completed model, still in pieces, half-finished, or wrecked, or still in a box.

The second of his three photos shows some sort of half-completed fuselage frame hanging off the roof of his shed - but it doesn't look too much like a Catalina to me - and it doesn't look big enough to be a 1/6th scale Catalina.


The part that makes me curious is, a 1/6th scale model of a Catalina PBY would be huge. The bloke in the link below has a 1/8th scale model of a PBY, and it's got a nearly 4M wingspan. A 1/6th scale model must have about a 6M wingspan.


I'm almost tempted to message him and ask a heap of questions - but being so far away, I'm only going to look like a tyre kicker to him.






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If the shed is Trimdek or similar with 762 coverage then about 5.3m for the fuse, unless optical delusion.  Original is 19.5m so between 1/3 and 1/4 scale but you're right, definitely not 1/6.


Looks a bit like a Catalina shape though.


Be an interesting shed to visit, in the first pic looks like another couple of big models hanging up.




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