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Bet you wish you'd bought a Brock Commodore, now!


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Get a look at the eye-watering price, some rich w, er ... banker is paying for this 1985 model HDT Commodore, that was Peter Brocks personal car! Just make you wonder where this kind of money is coming from.





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Yep Marty - but with Dogecoin or any of the others, the only economic value is virtual.. If you bought at the wrong time though, it could be rather sad.. A mate of mine bought Bitcoin - 5 of them, quite a few years ago for USD$250 each - figured he could lose the money..


I read the other day Dogecoin's valye is a function of the more mainstream cryptocurrency and how much people like the Dogecoin meme that day. Apparently, you can mine an unlimited number of them..


BTW - fun fact... graphics cards have far many more cores than CPUs (Intel i Series, AMD Ryzen series, etc). Mt RTX3060 has over 5,000 of them.. obviously lower power than the main CPU cores.. However, they do facilitate massive parallel processing and are great for arithmetic/algorithmic processing.. Apparently the crypto miners have worked this out and their software actually runs on the graphics cards... That is the reason graphics cards are so bleedin' expensive these days.

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Some of these older cars are real dogs to drive especially compared with the best handling later cars. The Yank Tanks I used to lust after no longer do anything for me.. The same for an MG TC. Blokes who raced them must have had great talent or were utterly MAD.  Nev

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