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You've got to be kidding.


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I agree - it is effin' crazy... And yes, DA and his team could have used the army rather than security guards (but wasn't it the hotel staff that turned out to be the problem?).. In anycase, he can't control what NSW requires with respect to getting what should be essential services across the border.


Of course, his other option is to sell his 48t of Hay and purchase 48T in NSW and have it delivered to his farm.. probably cheaper than hiring a B737 cargo plane and his sheep will get it sooner...

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If farm produce such as hay has to undergo 14 days' quarantine, does this apply to the milk that is supplied to NSW from the Goulburn Valley, Victoria? 


If he finally gets to his farm and find that his sheep have died of starvation, will he be prosecuted by the RSPCA for neglecting his animals?


I bet when he contacted the NSW Government department he was talking to Sanjev or Sundeep. People with these names have absolutely no ability to go beyond the little box formed by the script they have been given, yet somehow they are the ones who get the Customer Service jobs in Government departments.

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