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Was there an upgrade/restore?


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On Friday I upgraded the site to the latest version of the IPS software however there were too many issues so I have had to revert it back to the previous version. My apologies for any recent posts that have been lost. I am working on trying to get things sorted.

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Ok, I have been able to fix the following issues with the upgrade:

1. The What's New Unread will now go to the first unread post in a thread by default so an existing user does not have to change it unless they want to

2. The multiple instances of new posts in the same thread is fixed so it will only show the thread once in the Whats New

3. Some minor display and operational issues


Can you think of any other issues you were experiencing with the upgrade that you didn't let me know about?

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Ian, there is a new photo format which is growing in usage called WEBP (in addition to jpeg, png, etc) It is used  for a growing number of web pages because it has smaller file sizes. Photos in this format have to be converted to .jpg or .png to upload to this site and Rec Flying.

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