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I want wood screws


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I have been trying to buy wood screws. Have been to two hardware stores. The young attendants don't know what wood screws are. Some older ones do, but say we can't buy them any more. I accept that I can't buy slotted screws any more, will accept Philips. But I do want the right shape and taper, and a sharp edge thread of the correct form. Countersunk wood screws, why is that so hard. The stores have about five linear metres of shelves of screws in blister packs, But they are all coarse parallel threads of inadequate gauge. Am I in an alternative universe?

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To buy proper old style slotted-head wood screws today, you have to find a store that specialises in building restoration work. Every other retailer has fallen under the spell of the Phillips Screw Company designs (note the correct spelling).


The company in the first link below has stacks of both Phillips head and slotted head


You can buy both styles off eBay, if you're prepared to wait, and generally pay extra for postage (included or added on).









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16 hours ago, old man emu said:

Would (no pun intended) these screw suit your need? https://www.bolt.com.au/stainless-steel-screws-countersunk-head-slotted-c-1010_1438_1583_1584_1585.html


This mob is good. All the stuff they sell is per unit. You can by a few or a box full. They are located near Camden NSW

I clicked on that link and went to their website for a look. About 2 hours later, I visited eBay on a totally unrelated matter and there it was on the bottom of the page - about half the links for other items I might be interested in were for stainless steel screws. eBay must access your browser's history when you visit them.

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It's called data-harvesting and it's done by probably a hundred companies you've never even heard of. You often seen a quick redirect in your address bar before the site you want to look at, loads.

That redirect is one of the data-harvesting companies gathering your browsing habits and then onselling it to the likes of eBay. A common one is Mandrillapp.

Mandrillapp is reputedly a "transactional email assist app", supposedly designed to assist in recovery of passwords and aid in web transactions. But they fail to outline Mandrillapp also tracks you, and will no doubt, onsell your browsing and purchase history.


This is what all the uproar is all about with the global internet giants - how much information do they keep on us, and what do they do with it?

They're particularly secretive about it, claiming "commercial confidentiality" whenever anyone wants information from them, about their data-harvesting.


I saw a bloke give a good description of internet address re-direction webtracking, once.

He said, "It's like you spotting a rat running under your bed (watching the flash of an address redirect). You know it shouldn't be there, and you have no idea what it's up to, under there".

He should've added, "And you have very little chance of catching it, and stopping it from doing things that are destructive."

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