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OME, please order more cotton wool. The populace hasn't been wrapped in anywhere near enough yet.


PS. None of that nasty white supreme stuff either! Unacceptable!

Maybe harlequin cotton wool will have a colour to suit everyone equally.


Do you think Ian will be able to chromatically equalise all the 'likes'?

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I thought I avoided feeling discriminated against, by staying out of religions. After all, each seem to be a minority of some sort. But now they all seem to have a right to pick on me! How did that happen?



Oops. Sorry Ian. I am easily distracted.

Thanks for standardizing the 'likes'.

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2 hours ago, pmccarthy said:

There seems to be a glitch this morning where a lot of Red's aircraft posts are appearing in What’s New in Social Australia. 

Oops, sorry about that, looks like I have been caught out on something, should be gone now

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