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Wotizit ?

Phil Perry

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Ashton WB493 was a movie star! It was the only full-scale aircraft seen in the film, Cone of Silence was based on David Beaty's novel, Cone of Silence (1959) The film is about the investigation into a series of crashes involving the fictional 'Atlas Aviation Phoenix' jetliner. The 'Phoenix' airliner is represented by the WB493. For its starring role as the 'Phoenix' airliner, the Olympus-Ashton was painted in a special livery to represent the fictional 'Atlas Aviation'.


It is interesting that Cone of Silence was written in 1959. Neville Shute wrote a novel No Highway in 1948. It formed the basis of the 1951 film No Highway in the Sky. and was one of the first films that depicted a potential aviation disaster involving metal fatigue. Arthur David Beaty was a British writer, pilot and psychologist notable as a pioneer in the field of human factors, now an integral branch of aviation medicine, which he argued played a central role in aviation accidents attributed to pilot error.

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The ERIBUS disaster Was going to be " pilot error " But all the airline people knew better and fought it, to the correct conclusion.

Even after the police and government officials raided homes of all involved, just to hide a government mistake.


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