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The mysterious workings of Centrelink.


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On 4th April, we received the government $750 Economic Support Payment in our account.


On 7th April, Centrelink wrote a letter advising the payment had been made and "could take up to 3 days from (date of letter)" to receive the payment.


The letter was received in today's mail, 12 days after the payment was received in our account.


My wife's letter has not arrived yet.



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Road freight - which also means mail and parcels - is up 55% over normal levels, according to Loadshift. The freight movers are choked up because virtually nothing is going by air.

They're loving it. I wanted to send a 2kg, largish dimensions parcel from Perth to Riddell Creek in Vic, and I started looking around for quotes, and the quoted prices were 70%-120% above normal rates - $26.00 to $43.00.

I took the parcel to the PO and it cost me $15.35. He probably won't get it for a fortnight, though - even AP has warnings on its website, with the message, "We are currently experiencing delivery delays due to a high volume of parcels in our network."

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