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Problems with Rec Flying website.


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I have been having ongoing problems with the Recreational Flying site on two different computers, so much so that I have to post this thread.


When I click on a "Like " reaction, I get the following message:




When I tried to post this in the Site Problems thread, both as a cut and paste, and as an uploaded file, I get this:




I am using Brave browser which deletes cookies on closing.




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Please try clearing browser cache and cookies for recreational flying and let me know...I suspect there is something happening with your cache.


For the bookmark link to what's new use




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The problem today is, there is so much programming crap loaded on your computer, by way of "extensions", "add-ons", Flash and Java programmes, a host of other tracking and "enabling", "mini-programs", that your computer operating system becomes overloaded with this garbage. 


Add in the fact that even if these apps/programmes/add-ons/extensions are supposedly removed after you close the page - they often aren't - or they leave pieces of "stray code" in the system, which starts to interfere with interactions on other sites or pages you want to look at.


I use Ghostery to keep an eye on tracking programmes, and it is mind-boggling the amount of tracking going on in your computer when you're browsing websites.


Facebook is the most notorious tracker of all, FB will still track you, long after you have left FB. I have seen up to 9 and 10 tracking operations going on, at the one time, when browsing some websites.


Ian's recommendation to clear the browser cache and cookies is the main way to get rid of the remnants of useless programmes, and loose, or even malicious code.


In addition, some AV programmes are extremely sensitive, and treat new websites as dangerous, and block useful add-ons and extensions, thus causing operating problems.


If you're finding problems with accessing parts of a website, turn your AV off when you are on that known "good" site, to see if makes any difference to the interactions with that website.


Finally, it doesn't hurt to check your computer innards regularly for air-flow congestion in the form of greasy dust buildup. This greasy dust buildup is a continuous and insidious process that reduces airflow to CPU's and PSU's.


Failure to regularly clean the guts of your computer - the CPU and PSU fans, any cooling fins, and the motherboard and case overall - leads to overheating and slow performance.


I use a small (15-20mm) paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner to clean out accumulated gunk from all of the above, it reduces noise as well as ensuring operating temperatures are kept down.



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Good advice @onetrack plus another thing that I do every 6 months or so is to completely wipe the hard disk (I use twin Samsung NVMe's set in RAID0 so it is easy for me to just dump the RAID) to start clean and reinstall Windows and everything else. You will be surprised how much better performance you get from a clean fresh install but remember to backup first as I am sure you are backing up each week anyway...arn't you ?



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Is anyone else unable to log into Rec Flying this morning? The site is up, in that I can read posts as a guest, but when I click on the log in button, it says the page can't be found. After having my permissions restored yesterday, now I can't even log in.



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Back hwewagain because of the instability problems at the other place - won't show the login page. I had a look at What;s New earlier today, and noticed this anomly, it was reporting posts made in the future??





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